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How to Open Rar Files on Mac Using Unachiver App

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  • Begin by downloading the unarchiver app for Mac using the following steps:
  • On Mac’s application store, click on the search bar found on the top-right side of the app’s store.
  • On the search bar, type unarchiver then click ⏎ Return.
  • Hit the Get below the “Unarchiver” title.
  • Install the app beneath the “Unarchiver” then add your Apple pin when prompted.
  • After installing the app, open the Launchpad by clicking its icon that looks like a rocket ship, and it’s located on the dock on the lower side of Mac’s screen.
  • Hit the downloaded app that launches the Unarchive When asked, you can select if you want to save all your unarchived files on a single folder every time or whether you need to be asked.
  • Having done that, on top of the window, click on the Archive Formats tab.
  • Then look for the “RAR Archive”. Doing this triggers the Unarchiver program to open all RAR files in the coming days.
  • Move to the location of the RAR file that you want to be opened then hit on the RAR file.

Note: If you aim to remove a multi-part RAR file, then begin with “part001.rar”. Make sure that all sections must be located on one folder.

  • On the upper side of Mac’s screen, click File, and a drop-down menu appears.
  • Sometimes you can double-click the RAR file then open it on the Unarchiver, although this may not apply in cases when you have numerous apps that can open all your Mac RAR files.
  • On the file drop-down menu, select Open with then a pop-out appears.
  • Again on the pop-out menu, click The Unarchiver. This opens the RAR file in the unarchiver that results in the extraction of RAR files in RAR’s folder.
  • In case the RAR file is protected with a password, you’ll be asked to add a password before the file extraction begins.
  • Finally, open all the files that have been extracted. Unarchiver extracts files from RAR, and you can easily trace the folder.

Opening RAR files on a Mac using Stuffit Expander

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  • Go to http://my.smithmicro.com/stuffit-expander-mac.html and open the Stuffit Expander website. It’s a free app that helps a range of archive files that includes RAR.
  • After visiting the site, download the software using the following steps.
  • On the “Email*” field, add your official email address.
  • Hit on the FREE download then click download.
  • Install the app by double-clicking the downloaded DMG. Sometimes when installing the software, you might be asked to verify it.
    • Double –click the app’s icon to open it. When prompted, you can click
    • After that, shift to Applications Folder to complete the app installation as well as opening it. From there, you should use the app to access your RAR files.
    • On the menu item on top of the screen, click Stuffit Expander. Immediately a drop-down menu appears.
    • Select Preferences. You’ll get this on the software’s drop-down menu.
    • Hit the Advanced tab located on the upper side of the Preference window, then scroll down to RAR and click it.
    • Click on Assign to Stuffit Expander, and the software will open all RAR files.
    • Click a red button on top of the window to close it.
    • Afterward, double-click one RAR file to make the software start extracting files on RAR.
    • In case the RAR file is protected, you can be asked to add a password before files extraction.

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