Yahoo is the classic emailing platform. There are several aspects of it to explore from emails to the global news to music, movies and all.

How to Recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number?

There are several cases when you do not have a phone number with you like you have changed your number or you lost your phone.

  • You will find several options on the next page like enter your password and Sign-In, but you have to click on I forgot my password which will be below the Sign-In button.
  • There are several steps to confirm it is your account for sure. So, it will be asked that you have access to your phone if no click on the ‘I don’t Know the Digits’.
  • You need to go for the help site and answer some security questions you answered when you created your account to recover your password.

How to Recover Yahoo Account Password with Phone Number?

Your phone number is quite useful when you have lost your account password but as you linked your phone number to your account, it is easier to retrieve it.

  • At first, you need to open a browser on your phone or PC and go for the Yahoo mail website. You need to enter your Yahoo mail credentials and click on the ‘Next’ button just below it.
  • You need to go for the option ‘I Forgot My Password’. You will be asked to enter the authorized number associated with your account to sent ‘One Time Password’ (OTP).
  • As you receive OTP, you can use it to change your password.

How to Recover Yahoo Password with Facebook?

Facebook is well known to all of us as it is a famous social media platform; it will help you to recover your Yahoo accounts as well.

  • You need to go for the Sign-In helper to restore your accounts. It is needed that your Yahoo ID is linked to Facebook.
  • You need to enter your Facebook in the Yahoo mail account field and continue. The directions will lead you to set a new password for your account.


  • Always try to recover the account using your phone number first.
  • Remember to link your phone number and Facebook account to your Yahoo account to enable recovery options.