Factory resetting is most commonly used when it is necessary to register the Sonos system to a different email address or to completely wipe all saved data from a player, such as music services, Sonos playlists, and music library shares.

This information cannot be restored.

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If you understand that risk and still wish to factory reset your player, follow the steps below.

  1. Start with disconnecting the power cord from the wall socket.
  2. After that, press the play/pause button then hold it as you plug the cord back to the wall socket
  3. Keep on holding the play or pause button until you see a white and amber color.
  4. Immediately you complete the reset process, the light flashes green alerting you that the Sonos has been reset, and you can add it back to the Sonos at your household.

How to change Sonos password

Sometimes you can forget your Sonos account password, and resetting it is the only way to go. Here is the procedure:

  • Visit https://www.sonos.com/login to access your Sonos account.
  • After that, on your account, select
  • Tap or click on Edit Profile.
  • Then type your newly chosen password along the password field.
  • Tap or click Save Changes.

The password requirements include

  • At least one number
  • A lowercase letter
  • An uppercase letter

How to Reset Sonos Speaker

When you think of selling the Sonos speaker, you’ll perhaps desire to reset it to the factory settings mode. Furthermore, resetting it deletes all stored data on the Sonos speaker, thus making the system have a different email registration. Therefore, the final thing to do is transporting the speaker to a new place.

  • Disconnect the power away from the wall socket or from the Sonos speaker base.
  • Relax or about 10 seconds to allow the speaker to power off completely. After that, re-plug the speaker back.
  • Again give the speaker another 1 minute to reboot.

If you had set up the speaker initially, it would rejoin the Sonos network automatically after it is through with the system boot.

How to Reset Sonos Playbar

  • Ensure you disconnect the power cable then let it stay disconnected for approximately ten seconds.
  • Then press and hold the play or pause button or mute button. But this will depend on the Sonos component that you will be using, then reconnect back the power cord to the wall socket.
  • Keep on pressing the play/pause or mute button continuously until a status light starts flashing an amber color. Once you see this light flashing, release the button.
  • After that, the light will begin flashing white and green simultaneously. In other words, its factory reset, and it’s ready to be added to your Sonos system.

Resetting the Sonos Beam or Amp

  • Begin by unplugging the power cord away from the wall socket.
  • Having done that, press the connect button then hold it as you plug back the power cord on the socket wall.
  • Next, hold the button continuously until a white and amber light flashes.
  • Finally, immediately a green light flashes, the factory reset will be complete.

Those are ways in which you can troubleshoot the steps for Sonos speakers.

Voila! You are through with the reset. The Sonos playback has undergone a factory reset, and all the connections and data are lost, although the device is still new. If a different person uses the Sonos speaker in the long-term, you can hard-reset it

Those are ways in which you can reset the various components of Sonos. Immediately you are through with Sonos factory reset, ensure you register the system once again before you add music.

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