The policy of e-commerce sites is to enable communications between the seller and the buyer.

With policies for the protection of rights of both the parties, they act as a mediator in betweenThough the return is solely based on the return policy of the seller, most of them allow some window to return defective itemsYou can find a simple way to get it done by following the steps here.

  1. Check the Return Policy

For the first step, you have to locate the return policy of the seller you have purchased from or trying to buy from. If you can check it beforehand, this makes it simpler. Nonetheless, on eBay, the sellers are supposed to add the Return Policy to the items o the item/product page as a drop-down menu on the right. You must log into your account first. Go to your orders under ‘My eBay’ and ‘Purchase History’ and then select the item that you want to return. On clicking on the item you shall be redirected to the original link from where you purchased it.

  1. Check about the Seller

Because sellers on eBay also have the option to not allow the return of certain items, this is quite possible for your purchase too. On the product page, you can see the seller and click on it should take you to the return policy page. They are usually listed on the products page these days at below the price and other details. Under “Return Policy” you can find how many days they allow for a return? You will find the payment method below that and so on.

  1. Find the Order you had Purchased

Be sure to sign into the same account you had used to order the item. Go to ‘My eBay’ and ‘Purchase History’ and click on the order now. There is a link that says “More actions” once you have selected the order from the list. It is a drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the product. And, you’ll find ‘Return This Item’ from a list of items here. Select on this and continue. Once you have selected this option you can go ahead. Otherwise, you can also find this “Return“option in the middle of the page, if you brought up the order on a fresh page.

  1. Fill the Form

Returning items is not just a click here. On eBay, under the protection policies you have to click on the item, select for return, and then go ahead with filling a small form too. You will need more details here. From a list of reasons specific to the product you can do like ‘Changed my mind,’ ‘Doesn’t fit,’ or ‘Wrong item.” Followed by that you have to also select the information proof, for example, you can add images of the product. If there is a defect or you received a wrong product, do that immediately and upload the images. Once you are all done, you have to click on ‘Request a Return’. This will start processing a request for the return now.

  1. Keeping eBay Return Labels with you

Once you have finished with the above step, eBay will generate the return labels for you. There will be two items here. A return label is pasting outside the box and also a return slip that will be placed inside the box. So, in all, you have to do Ctrl+P to print the details. Print them in an A4 sheet and keep them ready. In some cases, you have to wait from a response from the seller regarding the return application. Package the item, and send it over via mail like UPS.

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