Of course, you are going to use the Christmas decoration lights only during Christmas. In other days, you must keep them safe from getting smashed or broken down. The following ways will help you store your Christmas decoration lights.

Store Christmas Lights Hanger

You cannot spend all your hard-earned money on buying the Christmas lights every year. You must think about perfectly organizing them. You can use hangers to store your lights.

  • First, you should prepare your lights. Take inventory of your lights. You have to count the number of light strands you have. This would be helpful to determine the number of hangers you need to buy. For example, if you have 6 strands, you should buy 6 hangers.
  • You have to untangle the lights and separate each strand. You should be gentle and very kind with your lights to avoid damaging them when untangling. Separate untangled light strands from the tangled ones.
  • After untangling, check your lights and make sure each strand of lights works perfectly. Fix or replace the broken lights.
  • Once before storing your lights, make sure to clean them properly. Pay special attention to the lights that hung outdoors. Do not clean your lights with water unless if you have purchased waterproof lights.
  • Buy flexible and durable hangers. You should buy plastic hangers that can handle your lights comfortably. If you buy cheap or flimsy hangers, your lights won’t be secured until next Christmas. You should buy one hanger for every strand.
  • Locate the plug end of your light and tape it for utmost safety.
  • Wind your lights around the hanger. Choose a box to store your lights. Keep the box in a place that is cool and dry.

Store Christmas Lights

Storing Christmas lights is not a big deal. All you have to do is to find the right way to store your lights. Here are the steps that will help you perfectly store the lights.

  • You can store the lights with cardboard. Cut a piece of cardboard in a rectangle shape.
  • Wrap the lights around the rectangle. Do this precisely. Work from one side to the other sides. Make sure to wrap your lights in a fashion that would be easy to unwrap next Christmas.
  • Once wrapping the lights are done, wrap tissue paper or white cloth over the lights. This will protect your lights when they are stored. Another option is that you can use a ‘Pringles’ can to store your lights.
  • Get an empty ‘Pringles’ can and wash it thoroughly. Washing will clean the crumbs inside the can. If you store your lights without cleaning the can, the crumbs left inside the can will encourage bugs to grow.
  • Use a scissor to cut a slit on the top of the can. The slit must be an inch long. Place one end of the light strand on the slit. If the wire does not fit the slit, you can widen the slit further.
  • Wrap the lights around the can and close the lid. Wrap the tissue paper over the can.

Store Christmas Lights with a Power Cord Holder

You can get rid of the hassle of storing your Christmas decoration lights for the next year by following these simple steps.

  • Get a power cord holder designed for heavy outdoor electrical uses. Insert the lights into the power cord holder and wind them up. You should do this carefully and precisely to make sure that no lights are broken.
  • The best thing about this method of storage is that you can wind multiple strands of lights on a single power cord holder rather than buying a separate cord holder for each light strand.
  • Store the lights in a box or shelf. If you do not want to spend on buying a power cord holder, you can simply wrap your lights using your palm. Place one end of the light between your index and thumb and start wrapping it on your palm.
  • Once you are finished wrapping, you should store them in a box.


There are different methods to store the Christmas lights, but you have to choose the best and affordable method to store your lights.

How do you store Christmas lights without getting them tangled?

3 ways to store Christmas lights so that they don’t tangle
  1. Clothes hanger. Emily Slawek. Anchor one end of the lights on the tiny hook (used for small straps).
  2. Wrapping paper tube. Emily Slawek.
  3. Piece of cardboard. Emily Slawek. Save some of those shipping boxes that are piling up on your doorstep this month and give them a second life.

What can I wrap my Christmas lights around?

Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle.

Roughly 12 inches by 6 inches should be fine. Make sure this is a heavier piece of cardboard, like from a packing box. If the cardboard is too light it will buckle when you wrap the lights around them.

How do you wrap Christmas tree lights for storage?

A spare seat! Start by flipping a stool or chair upside down. Then, wrap the lights in a figure-eight pattern around two of the legs until you have about 12 inches of cord remaining. Circle the remaining cord around the center of the figure eight, and tie a loose knot to prevent the lights from unraveling.

How do you keep string lights from tangling?

Can you store Christmas lights in the garage?

Often, the only place to store holiday decorations is in the garage or attic, according to organizing expert Barry Izsak, author of “Organize Your Garage in No Time.” Store holiday decorations in enclosed plastic containers to guard against water and moisture damage.

Can you store Christmas decorations in a shed?

Store holiday decorations up high.

Many storage buildings include rafters or upper-level space. If your shed has this space, use it for storage of holiday decorations. You won’t need them for another year, so it makes sense to stash them where they won’t be in the way when you need to find your summer gardening tools.

How do you store Christmas ornaments for storage?

Use tissue paper, packing paper, or air-filled plastic wrap to fill in any gaps and keep items in place during storage. Make sure to contain ornaments. Even within your cardboard box you’ll want additional storage to keep your ornaments in.

Can I store Christmas decorations in the attic?

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can be damaged by the extreme heat in attics,” says Santoro. “Delicate fabrics and items that are painted are particularly prone to damage when stored in the attic,” and plastic decorations, like ornaments, may melt or warp in the heat.

Is it OK to store Christmas lights in the attic?

Also, never store your lights in an attic space. The plastic components of all Christmas lights and installation hardware is susceptible to aging and degrading in extreme attic temperatures – whether you live in sunny Texas or up North!

Can you store Christmas tree in attic?

Christmas tree manufacturers typically do not recommend placing an artificial tree in an uncontrolled temperature environment such as a garage or unfinished attic. A dry and cool location is advised for storage such as a basement. Excessive temperatures and humidity can damage an artificial tree and void the warranty.

Is the attic too hot for storage?

What Temperature Should Your Attic Be? As a rule, your attic should be approximately the same temperature as the air outside your home. That’s dangerous because the extra heat can damage roof tiles and any items you have stored in the attic.

How do you store a Christmas tree without taking it apart?

Secure the opening of the bag around the tree with packing tape or twine. Finish by taping the hole around the trunk closed with packing tape. Now you can put your tree on its base inside your storage building, if you have one, or toss it in the back of a closet or under a bed.

Where should I store my Christmas tree?

Horizontal or Vertical Christmas Tree Storage

If you choose upright storage for your tree, be sure to put it somewhere kids and pets won’t climb on it and stabilize it to ensure it won’t tip over. Home retailer Hayneedle recommends placing it in a corner and in a tree stand.