If you want to go on a trip with your dog, you will need to make a point of following some key steps. This will allow you to get through your trip with minimal issues. Those who bring their canine pet on a long trip without taking the necessary measures always regret it.

  1. Decide How to Secure Your Dog

It is important that you find an effective way to restrain your dog while you are in the car so that they will stay safe for the full duration of your trip. There are a number of devices you can buy, including restraints that go across your dog’s chest in an X pattern. Take some time to look into these options before deciding what to get.

  1. Get Your Dog Used to Riding in the Car

You should definitely consider spending some time getting your dog used to riding in your car on shorter trips before going on a long one. This will help reduce the chances of your dog experiencing any anxiety during your trip. Make sure that you choose fun destinations for your shorter car rides. This way your dog will associate riding in the car with fun and enjoyment. It will help reduce any anxiety they may have by quite a bit.

  1. Make a Checklist of Items to Bring

There will be certain items that you’ll want to bring to ensure that your dog stays entertained and calm during your trip, including:

  • Treats
  • Toys
  • First-aid kit
  • Food and water bowls
  • Leash
  1. Take Your Dog Out for a Walk Beforehand

Most dogs have a lot of energy that they need to burn off, so you should make a point of getting your dog some exercise before going on the trip. If the dog is going to be confined to the inside of a car for a while, it is very important that you do this. It’s also a good idea to make semi-regular pit stops so your dog can walk around for a bit.

  1. Keep Checking on Your Dog

Make sure that you keep checking on your dog throughout the trip so you know that it is okay. If you see that your pet is getting very squirmy and acting anxious, you should take break. This will help your dog get through the trip without many issues.


  • Bring your dog’s favorite chew toys with you on your trip to keep it entertained. Dogs can get bored and restless like humans, so keep this in mind.
  • Take regular pit stops so your dog can get some exercise and go to the bathroom.
  • If you know that your dog gets motion sickness, you should get a prescription from your vet for a medication to give them. This should help to keep your pet calm for the entire trip.

If your dog isn’t in great overall health, you should think twice about taking it on a long trip. It might be a better idea to temporarily board it somewhere.