Netflix media has made apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad users.

In this guide you will learn how to update NetflixSo, let’s start the guide.

If you have not downloaded Netflix app, you can download latest version from the link below.

For Android:

For iOS:

Note: Netflix does not notify you itself if there is new version released and available to download. You have to keep an eye on the updates regularly, in my apps and games section of google play store or Updates section of the iOS app store.

The other way is to allow automatic updates for apps. This will keep your app to date.

How to Update Netflix on Samsung and Android

► Play

  • Open play store.
  • Tap on menu icon (three horizontal lines on top left corner).
  • Tap on My apps and Games.
  • Here you will see a list of apps and games installed in your android. You will see update button with the app(s) if there is update available for that app. So, find Netflix and check if update is available, then tap on Update button.
  • Netflix will download and update to latest version.

How to update Netflix without play store

There is another method to update Netflix in your android smartphone. For this, you have to download the latest APK.

► Play

  • Open web browser on your android.
  • Search “download Netflix latest APK”. However, you van also visit the link provided.

  • Download latest APK and install it by tapping on downloaded APK file.
  • If Netflix is not installed in your device already, it will install normally, but if it is already installed and the version you have downloaded is newer than installed, it will prompt you with permission to update. Grant permission.
  • You have successfully update Netflix.

How to update Netflix on iPhone, iPad and iPod

► Play

  • Open app store.
  • Tap on Updates located on the top of the screen.
  • Here you will see the apps whose new version has been released and not installed in your phone yet. Find and update Netflix from the list.
  • It will download and install latest version in your phone.

Netflix for Windows 10

► Play

Netflix has also released app for windows 10, you can download from the link below.

It has been really fun for windows users to enjoy Netflix right on their PC.

How to get rid of Netflix Buffering

► Play

Netflix support HD content streaming which is sometimes a headache for slow speed internet users. So, here we will try to mention the things which will help you to minimize Netflix buffering.

If you are watching Netflix on windows or mac pc browser, while your video is playing press Alt + S from your keyboard, it will open a hidden menu having settings for buffering or video quality control.

If you are watching on Xbox 360 or on Play station 3, you can access the same menu by pressing up up down down left right left right up up up up, and if you are watching on apple TV or on any other device, access the playback settings of your account page.

Set the quality to low. Or at least keep it Auto, because it will adjust video quality automatically according to connection speed.

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