Dogs are the most favored when it comes to having a pet.

However, there is a downside of being a dog owner and that is the lingering dog smell that they leave.

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There is no miracle that will keep your dog from smelling. Nonetheless, you can keep your home from harboring these smells. This way you will enjoy a much fresher environment. Here are some great ways to get rid of these smells from your house.

  1. Sweep and Mop the Floor

  • The first thing that you have to do in order to make your home smell better is to get rid of the loose debris created by your dog. This means the dirt, hair, and dander.
  • These are light, so be careful while you deal with them. Make sure that you sweep gently to avoid kicking these into the air. Take them to the trashcan and put it inside using a dustpan.
  • Do this as frequently as possible. After sweeping, it’s time to mop the floor. Mop the hardwood surface for removing the debris and dust which you missed out on while sweeping.
  1. Vacuum

  • When you are done with the floors, it is time to pay attention to the carpets. Believe it or not, these hold an enormous amount of hair and dander. Thus, vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Make sure that you do not miss out on the rugs.
  • Also, vacuum the furniture and curtains. A vacuum will help to collect smelly things that are hiding in the carpet. There is a vacuum that has been designed to clean homes with pets.
  1. Steam and Clean the Carpets

  • Once you are done removing the dry material from the carpet, use a steam cleaner for taking out the odors which are trapped in the carpet fiber.
  • You can hire a carpet cleaning service to do the job for you but ensure that they use only pet-friendly products for cleaning. Make sure that the carpet is dry before you allow your dog on it.
  1. Wash your Linen

  • Any fabric that is used in your home can catch the odor. Hence, it is better to wash everything you can. This includes the bed linens, throw pillows, cushion covers, and anything else that can be washed in the machine.
  • Make sure that you dry everything prior to putting everything back to their place. You should know that your clothes might also start smelling like your dog.
  • Hence, it is better to wash your clothes too when the cleaning process is going on. This will make your home smell better. In fact, you too will smell better when you leave the house.
  1. Wash Pet’s Bed

  • The smelliest item in the entire house is the bed of your pet.  This is because it is coated with dander, hair, saliva, dirt, and urine. In most of the cases, the bed is machine washable.
  • So, all you have to do is take out the cover and run it through the washing machine. The core of the bed of your pet might be free from odor, if it is not, you will either have to wash it or replace it. When you are done washing and replace it, treat it with a stain repellant.
  1. Let in Fresh Air

  • Airing out the home will enable you to truncate pet-related odor. It might be somewhat tricky to do this in winter or summer.
  • Hence, schedule the cleaning process when the temperature is mild enough. Open every window in your home and turn on the ceiling fans. This will bring in the fresh air and get rid of the odor.

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