Brushing your dog can be a bit difficult if you don’t know how to approach doing it properly. It’s important that you learn how to do this so that you can keep your dog well-groomed and looking good. It’s also important for health reasons, and this article will teach you everything you’ll need to know.

  1. Get Your Dog Ready

The first thing you have to do is get your dog ready for grooming. You should give your dog a treat to get it relaxed. This is especially important if you know your dog doesn’t do well with getting brushed. Ask it to sit down and stay. Make sure that you have your brush handy before starting. You might also want to think about giving your dog a bath first. If you do this, make sure that you use shampoo and/or conditioner. Dry your dog off thoroughly prior to brushing. This can make it easier to brush their coat.

  1. Spray on Some Conditioner

Next you will want to spray some conditioner on your dog’s coat. This will help with untangling strands of hair to make your job easier. It will also make it less uncomfortable for your pet. Mink oil is great to use before brushing a dog. If you have a long-haired dog, it is especially important that you do this beforehand.

  1. Start Brushing

When you start brushing your dog, make sure that you do so in firm but gentle motions so your pet doesn’t experience any discomfort. Work your way from the top down. Brush in straight lines, always “with the grain” so to speak. Try not to brush close to your pet’s skin, as this can be quite painful for them. If you are brushing a long-haired dog, make sure to use long strokes. If you have a short-haired dog, use shorter strokes.

  1. Groom the Ears

You don’t want to forget your dog’s ears when you are brushing it, especially if it is a long-haired breed. If your dogs ears have long hair on them, use some scissors to carefully shorten it up. Be careful not to cut the dog when you are doing this.

  1. Remove Loose Hair

Finally, you will need to remove any loose or dead hair on your dog. Long-haired dogs can have a lot of loose hair, so you need to be very thorough and get it all. If you have a very short-haired dog, you can use a soft cloth to polish up its coat.


  • Make sure that you use a brush that is soft and not too abrasive. Go to your local pet store and buy one that is specifically designed for use on dogs.
  • If your dog seems very anxious or distressed in any way while you are brushing it, give it a little break. This can make the whole grooming process go much smoother.

It is a good idea to reward your dog when you are done brushing it by giving it a treat. This will make the next time even easier.