With modern conveniences and fast-paced lifestyles, many of us find it easy to excuse ourselves from exercising. Many might think to watch what they eat would work but that can help solve only half a problem.

Here are some steps to take in order to stay motivated on the path of weight loss:

  1. Start Thinking Like an Athlete

Athletes, in diverse sports fields, need to incorporate daily exercise and workout regimes along with the right diet. Even if you are not putting in all your hours into a sport, being physically active could be simple changes such as:

  • Tracking the number of steps you take or miles you run.
  • Using a tracker on your watch or smartphone to measure steps and find equivalent losses in calories that prove encouraging.
  • take up a hobby or sport that you love to do and try doing it in your spare time; either with your kids in the playground or joining an activity group
  • Plan to walk it to a grocery store nearby instead of ordering it online.

These are simple changes you can incorporate or monitor in your daily life which would help step up the physical activity levels in your life.

  1. Set Fitness Goals

If you are healthy and have the time to commit to a marathon or any such event, working towards the same itself would help you get in shape.

  • The goal does not have to be an organized race or event but a goal to fit back into a black mini dress or a bikini by the time summer arrives.
  • Set realistic goals and track your progress.
  • Measure out the loss of calories or weight loss in pounds that you need to achieve and set a realistic time frame to achieve the same.
  • Plan different physical activities as per your lifestyle such as daily visits to a gym, a weekend Zumba or dance class or any other group activity you are interested to do.
  1. Set Aside Dedicated Time for the Same

In order to be physically active, you need to set aside time to do so. With most of our regular activities like driving to work, working in the office simply being sitting exercises, plan physical activities and set schedules like:

  • Set aside three to four days in a week, an hour each for working out at a gym.
  • Do house cleaning activities, at least half an hour of cooking, cleaning activities.
  • Set aside time to take your kids to the park or play with them, at least a few hours every weekend.

These are ways you can increase your physical activity levels and incorporate different ways to work out and lose weight.

  1. Add Variety and Fun Elements

It is a proven fact that, physical activities that are enjoyable lead to more effective weight loss. Hence, if walking or running on the treadmill does not inspire you all the time, make changes in your workout plans by:

  • Opt for a group activity class once in a while; find a physical activity that interests you which could be a dance class or a walking group.
  • Plan hiking vacations with your family or friends that would help you exercise in different ways from the usual gym routines.
  • Avail of cross training, interval and strength training classes and workout plans that most gyms and trainers can offer.

With changes in your physical training regime, you will be able to keep boredom at bay. This, in turn, will help you stay interested in your physical workout regimes. Also, if you have friends at the gym or at the dance class you attend, you would enjoy it more and it would become a social activity that becomes more fulfilling and entertaining for your mind and your emotional well being.

  1. Join a Social Program or Group

Often, we find it difficult to stick to workout goals, especially when we are doing it on our own. To counteract such trends you can:

  • Join up different fitness classes that are organized by your gym.
  • Join a hobby or activity class or group that meets weekly.
  • Be part of a community workout initiative like yoga groups that meet at community lawns every weekend.
  • Plan activities or events with such groups or friends in general.

The more you can involve people as well as be part of social physical activity groups, the more chances of you being able to work out more effectively. It is a proven fact that in groups, people tend to push themselves more and achieve higher levels of physical workouts, whether it is calorie burning, working out different muscle groups or developing a certain physical fitness such as learning martial arts.

The above points can help a person stick to a workout regime and be motivated to try different effective ways to increase their physical prowess and activities.