Christmas tree is a decorated tree used during Christmas celebrations.

If you do not want to spend on buying a tree every year, you can consider storing it safelyHere are the steps that will help you store your artificial Christmas tree:

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  1. Store Artificial Xmas Tree

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, then it is important to store it in a comfortable place when it is not in use. Read further for the step by step instructions on how to store your artificial Xmas tree.

  • First of all, you have to remove the ornaments hanging here and there on your tree. If you tend to store the tree with the ornaments, then surely the ornaments will break over time.
  • If there are lights on your Christmas tree, remove the lights too. You might have hung your lights in various fashions such as through extension or floral cods. It is better to take out the lights before you store your tree. This will help your lights and tree to be safe until the time you take them out for use.
  • Artificial trees come in various sections or partitions. You should make sure to disassemble the tree before storing. Start from the top and disconnect two to three sections.
  • You have to fold in your branches. Start folding the smallest branches and work your way downward to end with the big branches. Do it carefully especially if you have built-in lights and cords on your tree.
  • Prepare a box that could accommodate your tree comfortably inside. You can either choose a paper, plastic or wooden box to store your tree. Make sure the box you choose is not flimsy or disintegrate over time.
  • Find out a place in your home that is temperature-controlled, dry, and clean to store your tree.
  1. Keep Artificial Christmas Tree

People would prefer artificial Christmas trees mostly, as they are comfortable to use and free of allergies. Also, you do not have to water or maintain your tree. All you have to do is to store it in a safe place when not being used.

  • Make sure to properly fold your tree before storing it in a tree box. If you fail to fold your tree, you cannot find an exact box to store your tree. Also, you have to nicely and precisely fold your tree rather than folding it in a random fashion. Random folding will harm or damage your tree over time.
  • The artificial Christmas tree is vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, moisture, and more. It will turn brown or yellow if not stored properly. Your tree is going to be in the box until next Christmas, so storing it properly matters. You need to buy artificial tree cover or wrap your tree tightly with the white cloth to help your tree last for a long time.
  • Put your tree in the box. Make sure to store the tree very gently rather than just dumping it in the box. Buy a box that provides more space than your tree requires. This will help your tree be relaxed rather than dumped.
  • Place your tree box in the safest place that children or pets can’t access. You can keep your tree box in any place of your home, but make sure the place is well-cleaned and safe. Do not simply put your tree box in a place where it can be knocked or fall over. 
  1. Store Artificial Christmas Tree

You can store your artificial tree either in an assembled or disassembled fashion. For storing your tree without disassembling it, you should buy a big tree box that can store your tree as it is. Otherwise, disassemble your tree and store it in a small box.

  • You should first inspect your tree and make sure all of the ornaments and lights hung on the tree are removed. If need be, you can check the performance of the lights before removing them. If there are any burned-out lights, you can replace them with the new ones.
  • If your tree contains three to four sections, make sure to disassemble each section carefully. Disassembling will help you flatten the tree for easier storing.
  • Place each section of the tree in the box. You can either buy a separate tree box for all the sections or place the sections one after another in the same box. That is up to you and also depends on how much you can afford buying a tree box.
  • Once packing is done, store the tree in a place that is away from direct sunlight and temperature-controlled. Flocked, frosted, and white trees are vulnerable to humidity, so store them in a dry place such as a basement or garage.


  • You have to buy the right box for storing your Christmas tree.
  • The height, width, and size of your tree help you choose the right box, so consider these factors.

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