Snapchat is a trendy app that allows people to snap pics and videos and apply real-time effects.

This is the picture-way of sharing messagesAlso, it allows you to add friends and share stuff, but for that, you have to find them on SnapchatIf you can’t find them, you can’t add themHere we have at list 10 points to remember when trying to do so.

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Ways to Find Friends and Add Them

To be able to enjoy all the fun of this app you must be able to find your friends on this and add them here. Here is the official link to do so.

  • There are four different ways to find and add your friends into this app.
  • The easiest but unrestrained method is to all everyone from your contacts directory.
  • The other way to find specific people is by their username.
  • The third and newest method is by scanning one’s snapcode.
  • Finally, use the “Quick Add” suggestions.

Starting with the “Quick Add” Feature

You can regularly look at those people who show up in your “Quick Add” suggestions and can decide if you would like to add them in your friend list or not.  They are awesome to find new people.

  • This “Quick Add” feature is something that shows up users to add people at different sections throughout the app.
  • These suggestions are based on algorithms that track mutual friends and people you follow.
  • You can find it in various sections such as the bottom of your “Conversation” tab.

Finding “Quick Add” and Adding Friends

This feature can be found in various places throughout the app. For example, currently, there are three places, the center of your “Discover” tab, the bottom of your Conversation tab, and whenever you search for a username in the search field.

  • It gives you more options to do whenever Snapchat suggests a user through this feature.
  • You have the “+/Add” button to tap and add that person.
  • You have the “X” sign beside it to remove that user from your suggestions.
  • Finally, you can find additional information just beneath the username, e.g. where and how the user was found.

Find Someone with Their “Snapcode”

Snapchat introduced “Snapcode” feature to help share your custom lenses and filters with others using a link. Every user on this app has its own address denoted by a unique Snapcode.

  • Tapping on your profile or Bitmoji icon takes you to your profile details and your snapcode.
  • This is a dotted pattern inside the yellow square.
  • Then you can open your app and navigate to the camera. When you point your camera to your friend’s snapcode.
  • After a second or two, it will find the user and pull up its details from its database.
  • Then you can tap on the purple “Add Friend” and it’s done.

Another Way to Use “Snapcode” Feature

This is not the only way to add people using these codes, but there is a more primitive method too. What if your friend isn’t there in front of you to point the camera at?

  • For this, first, you have to take a snapshot of your snapcode and then maybe send it via Bluetooth or WhatsApp to your friend.
  • Now, your friend can upload this photo to their gallery, and then open their Snapchat app.
  • You navigate to profile, then friends, and then Snapcode. Now, select the photo that you just uploaded to your gallery.
  • The app takes a second or two to find that user and you can add him/her by tapping on the purple button.

Searching via Their “Username” itself

What can be more specific if you already have a username to look for? You can conveniently search it in your search bar, inside Snapchat, and, you are done.

  • At the top of your screen, you have the “Search Bar”. You can see it with a magnifying glass icon too.
  • Tap on it to activate it, and then start typing the “Username” you have.
  • Once you start typing, all matching results will be displayed right beneath the search bar.
  • All you need to do it, select the right username and tap on the “+/Add” button beside their name.
  • Of course, you can remove the entry with “X” cross sign and look for additional info, just like above.

Sync Your “Contacts” Directory Entirely

The fastest and easiest way but also adding bulk garbage is this method. Your contact list will be looked upon the Snapchat, and available people will be added to your friend list.

  • You need to open up your Snapchat app for this.
  • Then, tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Then, you can tap on the option that says “Add Friends”. You can also see the “Sync Contacts” option right below this.
  • After tapping on “Add Friends”, choose “Contacts” from the next pop up and then the blue “Add Friends” button.
  • You need to then follow the steps and instructions that Snapchat gives you to complete this process and done.
  • This is the official YouTube video – for adding friends on Snapchat.

Now, you can go back to your “Contacts” tab inside your Snapchat app. There you can also verify that the import was complete. When Snapchat is allowed to access all your contacts, you can press “Ok” to confirm.

  • Thos people in your contact list who have supplied their phone numbers and connected it with Snapchat will only be added to your friend list.
  • When you visit the “Contacts” tab, you can see that all the Snapchat users that the app was able to find are listed now, but they are not yet added.
  • You can specifically add each one of them individually by tapping on the “+/Add” button right next to their usernames.

Those Who have Not Connected their Phone Numbers

If some of your contacts have not yet connected their phone numbers to their Snapchat account, they will not be found by Snapchat.

  • If Snapchat can’t find them, that means, either their phone numbers are not registered yet, or they are not Snapchat users now.
  • The names from Contacts directory of your phone will be shown below and a button “+Invite” is shown below to send them an invitation.
  • Take a look at this friend emojis to learn how to add friends.

One method to allow your friend to add you is to send them as a shareable link. This shareable link is different from the snapcode, which is more like the QR code stuff.

  • You can go to your Snapchat app, and then to your account. This is usually right to the Bitmoji or Trophies.
  • There is usually a “Share” button that makes things quite easy and straight-forward too. It is also unambiguous that can happen when searching for a username and making mistake in spelling or like that.
  • This “Share” button allows you to share your username and snapcode, both easily.
  • This also opens up the ability to share them via Facebook, Twitter or through a simple URL that they can click on and add you.
  • It also allows giving others a complete form with autofill message to inform people to add you on Snapchat.


  • The snapcaht usernames are always unique and cannot be changed. If you know one’s username exactly, this is the best way to add them.
  • There are several ways to add friends, and also ways to remove and block people from your “Contacts” who you wish to.

At the backend, these “Shareable” links do the same thing as a Snapcode.

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