Are you not feeling comfortable riding your bicycle despite the fact you have brought the one that offers maximum comfort? If yes, then there is some issue in your handlebar adjustment. You can adjust it according to your height and riding position this way.

  1. Get all Tools that You Need

Get all tools required for adjusting handlebars. Basically, there are two tools that you will need. The first one is an adjustable wrench and second is Allen key. If you don’t have these buy it and keep it with you as they are very useful.

  1. Remove Stem Bolt

First, take the Allen key and start losing stem bolt. You have to lose it so much that you can take it out. While working with the Allen key, make sure you are taking one of the right sizes or you could strip hole easily.

  1. Lose the Top Nut

There are two nuts present in this portion. Start losing the top nut first, this will not loosen up other adjoining parts present there and will make easy to work on the second nut. The process is same as you worked with the first one. Be careful while keeping nuts. These are very small in size, so you can easily miss it out. Keep a bowl next to you and put nuts in it.

  1. Pull the Handle Bars Upward

Now, hold on the tire using your thigh and feet. Make sure the hold is strong as you need to pull the handlebars with force. Once you have made a strong grip, start pulling the handlebars upward with little force. Don’t apply much force, be easy with it and bring it to the desired level. Here, you will have the option to adjust the handlebars according to your requirement. If you want to reduce its heights, push it little down and to increase height pull it upward. Once, optimum height has been achieved, it is the time to bring things in its position.

  1. Screw it up

It is the time to bring everything back to its original position. Take nuts from bowl to tighten the screw. Here, you have to tighten the bottom nut first. Use a wrench to tightly place the screw and then put the first one. Now, tight all screws very tight so that, it doesn’t get loose once you start riding the same bike. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to take the help of professionals.