Godparents play a crucial role for our kids throughout their lives.

Choosing the right one will promote a loving and harmonious environment beneficial to your child’s overall growthThat’s the reason you need to consider your options seriously and spend a lot of time on planning and execution.

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  1. Make a list of who to ask

Shortlist the people in your circle that you trust your life and family with. It can be your immediate family, close relative, best friend, or someone you look up to as a mentor.

Make sure that these people whom you pick, share the same values as yours. You don’t want your kid to be surrounded by people who won’t be a good influence on them. They should be someone whom you admire and respect as a person, and you believe that they can help you raise the child like their own.

If your list is too long and you have trouble narrowing it down, then proceed to Step 2.

  1. Highlight their exceptional qualities

Having a great big circle can be complicated, especially when choosing godparents for your kids. Yes, they might be all amazing and kind-hearted, but you can’t pick all of them. Narrow them down according to their exceptionally unique qualities.

Start from what they can offer to your child that you can’t? For example, if you’re a shy and introvert type of parent, pick an outgoing and adventurous godparent. Otherwise, if you’re bad in math, pick a godparent who’s a math genius that can tutor your kid for free.

This will help your kid create balance in their lives for the diverse personalities of the people they encounter in their circle. As they grow old, your kids will appreciate this decision you’ve made that you won’t surely regret.

  1. Set a schedule to ask them in person

With the golden age of the internet and advanced technology, you can easily send electronic invitation cards through social media and even set-up an event page to invite your selected godparents. All you need to do is wait for their RSVP.

But nothing’s more intimate and meaningful when you ask them in person. Do not do this through a call or text. It will not feel too sincere or genuine if done this way. Set a schedule to meet them before or after giving birth.

They will surely appreciate your effort to invite them personally. They’ll also feel more excited to be involved in your kid’s life and increase their sense of responsibility.

  1. Don’t come empty-handed

Though your effort to see them in person will be highly appreciated, it will complete the whole invitation package if you’ve got a little token to your kid’s soon to be godparents.

Invitation cards are common, but you can make it unique by customizing it instead of buying from the stores. There are a lot of design ideas to choose from online, like Pinterest. Showcase your beautiful handwriting and impress your godparents to make them say yes.

You can also give them a pillow, coffee tumbler, or a shirt that says, “I’m a New Godparent, and I’m Proud of It,” kind of statement. You can also hand out a photo of your kid with a note at the back, telling them how it means to have them as your child’s godparent.

Any token of appreciation will do as long as it comes from the heart and prepared with love.

  1. Make it formal and friendly at the same time

Although you personally know these people, make sure the conversation vibe will remain as formal and friendly as possible. They shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to play the role of a second parent to your child.

Express to them your honest expectations and ask them about theirs as well. Request them to be honest as much as possible since this is a lifelong commitment.

Godparents are often assigned to help you organize your child’s milestones, such as birthdays, graduations, and other memorable events. Ask them how they feel about it and if they’re ready to take on with the responsibility. Please make sure you’re clear about your expectations, and the same goes for them as well.

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