While traveling everyone wants to save time as much as they can in order to ensure that they can spend some more good time on their destination.

However, highways can become obstacles in that plan as although they are smooth but many times they are lengthy and time-consumingThere are many shortcuts by which one’s valuable time can be saved and they are:

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Go Totally Hands-Free

All of us are liable for glancing down at our devices when we are driving, in order to look ahead at the very next turning, maybe, or just to see how long is remaining in a commute. And since all of us are having Android Phones, there is one better way. Google Maps has a complete series of assisting voice commands that will work amid you are actively navigating.

  • You just have to say “Okay Google” and thereafter try variations on some of these examples.
  • The first one is “what road are you traveling on”, “what is my upcoming turn”?
  • With reference to traffic, you have to ask these questions “how is traffic to work”, “how is the traffic ahead?”
  • If you want to have some good food or visit some shop then you can simply say “find me restaurants” and “find petrol pump”.

Instruct Your Phone to Avoid any Disturbance

We often deviate and indulge in our phone while driving but you can simply instruct your phone to do these things and it will perform those tasks in a jiffy.

  • You can instruct your smartphone to make calls, play your favorite music, and send messages.
  • You can also command your phone to look for an upcoming appointment.
  • All these tasks can be performed even without taking an eye off the road.

Check Your Route Several Times

No doubt that Google Maps can give you approx. time for the journey, but it will vary when you will be actually driving. The Google Maps will show you an estimated time which will be based upon previous traffic data, which will definitely vary when you will be driving. But you can alter the time if departure if required.

  • Access this via Google Maps. You will be supposed to pick your starting point and destination.
  • Thereafter, click “Leave Now” in order to adjust the time of departure to check how the total travel time is being affected.
  • By doing this, you can get a fair idea about the best route which you should opt to reach your destination in less time.

As most of us are having Android phones, Google Maps is pre-installed in all of the android phones. And you can find it on the home screen of your phone.

  • Click on the icon of “Google Maps” which is there on your home screen.
  • If the icon is not on the home screen then you will definitely find it in the ‘app drawer’.
  • Once you have located the icon, click on it and it will be opened immediately.
  • You can also share your map. For more information click on this link – https://support.google.com/maps/answer/144361?Co=GENIE.Platform%3dandroid&hl=en.

Tap the Tab of Driving

Once you have entered into the apps of ‘Google Maps’, it is high time to start your ride without wasting any time.

  • This tab of ‘driving’ is available under the map.
  • You can simply start the ride by clicking on that tab.
  • Once you will click that tab you will be ready to go ahead.

Start the Ride

Once you have located that ‘tab’ you can simply start your ride, by clicking on the ‘go’ tab. This is a kind of prerequisite to begin your ride.

  • The “option” is actually a blue circle in color and there is an arrow which is present inside it. The arrow is white in color.
  • Once you have discovered this icon, you have to click on it to start the ride.
  • Now another dialog box will appear on the app which you have to fill.
  • The first box that will appear on the top of the screen will be of “Your Location”. You have to tap that box in order to set your location. Because then only the GPS will be able to track your location and as a result, it will show the Estimated time for your destination.

Set the Starting Location

This is your current location i.e. where you are standing currently or the place from where you will be leaving. There are some ways to set your location.

  • In case you are using GPS on your smartphone, you have to tap your location, by doing this the tab of the current location will be automatically filled.
  • Now, you have to add an intersection or address, thereafter tap the exact point from where you will be in the search results.
  • Now, you will be required to tap “Choose on the Map” option, you have to drag the pushpin of the map to the beginning point, and thereafter tap “Ok”.
  • Setting the starting location will not only help you in reaching your destination but will also provide an estimated time to your destination.

Enter Your Destination

After setting the starting point, the most important thing to do is to enter the destination in the Google Maps where you want to go.

  • Now, you have to tap the 2nd blank (under the 1 which contains the beginning point).
  • Type an intersection, business name, or address.
  • After this, the route which is suggested will immediately appear.
  • Now you can start your journey any time after entering the destination.

Once you have set the starting point and the destination, now you will be required to choose the route option to make your journey more smooth and pleasing.

  • Click the icon with 3 dots which is there at the very top right corner of your phone’s screen.
  • After clicking that icon, a pop-up menu will appear with 3 options namely ‘Traffic’, ‘Satellite’, and ‘Terrain’. You have to choose ‘Traffic’ among those 3 options.
  • In the same pop-up menu, you will see one more option named ‘Route options’.

Look for the Options in Route Options

Since you have found the option named ‘Route Options’, you will be required to choose some of the options in order to get rid of highways which will come in your destination.

  • Total 3 options will appear after you have a tap on “Route Options”.
  • The 3 options are “Avoid Highways”, “Avoid Tolls” and “Avoid Ferries”.
  • In order to avoid the highways which will come in your way, you will be required to choose the 1st option i.e. “Avoid Highways”.

Check the Box for Avoiding Highways

Now, this is something which will make sure that you don’t have to travel on lengthy highways to reach your destination.

  • If you want to avoid any highways in your journey you have to check the box with the name “Avoid Highways”.
  • As long as you are checking this box, all the major highways are not going to be included in your journey.
  • But don’t forget to check it in regular intervals otherwise you may have to travel some of the highways.

Give the Final Touch

Now, since you have opted for the option of “Avoiding Highways” you will be required to press the last button to reach the desired result.

  • You have to tap done, after performing the previous step.
  • After you have tapped “Done” a new route or direction will appear in case the original one includes highways.
  • Tap the “Start Button”. You will be able to find this button at the right corner which is at the bottom of your phone’s screen.
  • Now the maps will simply direct you to your destination without actually including highways in your route.


  • If you don’t want to rely on Google Maps then you can simply set your route manually as per your own knowledge about it.

It is highly recommended to ask the natives about the route as there may be some shortcuts about which the Google maps may not be aware.

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