Are you planning to back up your photos to icloud to save space on your device storage or uploading them to icloud so that you can back up them anytime you want? Whatever the reason.

Here are five methods you can apply to back up your photos to icloudPre-Script: Turning on the icloud Photos will automatically save the photos and videos from your device to icloud whenever your device is on charging or connected to Wi-Fi.

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From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1. Go to Settings

  1. Tap on your Name

  1. Then scroll down to icloud

  1. Go to Photos

  1. Turn on Photos> icloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream

From Mac

  1. Go to Apple Menu

  1. Press System Preferences
  1. Sign in icloud
  1. Go to photos
  1. Press options button next to photos
  1. Check or turn on icloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream

Note: This method works for macOS versions 10.10.3 and later ones only

From Windows

  1. Download icloud for windows
  1. Go to windows explorer or App Store
  1. Go to icloud and sign in
  1. Go to photos>Options>Turn on My Photo Library

  1. Press Done or Save Changes

From iCloud Site

  1. Go to icloud official site
  1. Sign in to icloud
  1. Press Photos

  1. Press Upload photos and add photos from your pc or phone

From Apple TV

  1. Go to Settings
  1. Navigate to Accounts

  1. Scroll down to icloud
  1. Turn on Photos/My Photo Library

Note: This Method is for TVOS version 9.2 and later ones only.

Pro Tip: If your photos are backed up to icloud then you can access your photos/videos from other devices that are connected or using the same icloud/Apple ID. You can take photos on one device and can view/download them on another one using icloud backup.

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