If you are new to the cleaning business, this is really dirty at first sight. But, it is also an emerging market where you can turn waste to best. But, before you get into it, try to learn some of the ways to bid on these cleaning contracts, potential risks, and competition from others. In this article, we give you some tips to help with your next bid on the cleaning job.

  1. Know Your Ground First

First thing is to do your survey on where you are operating. In many places, these cleaning contracts are taken by huge groups that have a complete monopoly. It is better to look for those places that are not well taken care of or need attention. There are contracts that you can get for commercial cleaning of places like schools, offices and private properties. These are always required whenever a new complex or something of that sort comes up. The same is also applicable to government complexes and municipality, garbage collection, waste dump, and recycling, but that is a different story. Here we are talking of cleaning the rooms and corridors everyday kid of contract and maintaining sanitation in hospitals to shopping malls. Whenever a contract is declared, the one with the lowest bid is awarded. There is no compromise with the requirements though, and that must be taken into mind too when preparing your bid. For example, statistics of May 2017 from Bureau of Labor Statistics has urged that the average wager per hour for a cleaner must be greater than $15.52 with 75% of days with a median of $12.02. There are other duties that you need to read about too in detail.

  1. Know the Essential Factors Before Bidding

It is easier when you know which things to keep in mind and emphasize more on your bid. The contracts will be awarded only to the most economically relevant and sustainable bidder. The first thing to understand is the level of cleaning the customer is looking for. Offering more for a higher expense is not going to make it for sure. Be specific about the details including whether floors need to be just swept, mopped with water or disinfectant, vacuumed or polished. The details are necessary because it adds to working hours and the cost. Ask about restroom cleaning. This is the important discussion that should not be ignored to the last detail. Including how many times a day to who is supposed to take care of sanitary supplies like toilet rolls and soap. Be specific about the hours of operation too. If janitors need to be available all the time or simply clean during the morning hours and leave.

  • Be on the spot, nothing more and neither less should be offered at the expense of increased cost.
  • Discuss the supplies, frequency of cleaning and other details.
  • Discuss the manner of operation, that is, continuous or once a day.
  1. Prepare Your Bid Now

Always ensure that it is organized according to the template provided by the customer. If there is none, just be on point with respect to each of the requirements you need to comply with. Use free resources on bidding templates and if possible use your own company letterhead to bid for contracts. Being professional is not a bad thing as long as you are correct with your figures. List all the details that were mentioned above, without ambiguity. Put the details of the work in easy to understand manner. Be specific about the schedule, frequency, time of the day, cleaning of doors and windows, and railing along the corridors and the porch of the office. End it at the best price you can offer.