Bleaching your eyebrows is something that anyone can do it at home. All it takes is some time, a few simple tools, and some know how. Time and tools are things that anyone should provide on their own. On the other hand, we got you covered with the know-how. What follows is a step by step guide on how to bleach your eyebrows on your own.

  1. Take Care of the hair

Either you pull your hair backward, or you use a towel or a headband to keep it off your face. That way you will work undistracted and not worry about accidentally pouring some bleach on your hair. Eyebrow bleaching is not a complex matter, but one that requires your full attention and there are plenty of details to keep in mind.

  1. Eyebrows need to be clean

Clean your eyebrows thoroughly. Make sure that there isn’t any makeup or dirt before you apply any bleach.

  1. Mix the content

Some of the most popular hair bleaches include peroxide (liquid developer), bleaching powder, and a manual with detailed instructions. In case there isn’t a manual, find a glass bowl where you can mix your developer and the bleaching powder. You can use a cotton swab to stir the content until it’s smooth and consistent.

  1. Test it

Apply some of the bleaching crèmes on your jawline as a test. If you have a sensitive skin use one that is labeled for sensitive skin. This test can reveal how your hair will lighten, as well as what to expect from the entire bleaching experience.

  1. Precision is everything

Most bleaching crèmes include an applicator that you can use to apply the mixture. If there isn’t one you can use a cotton swab instead. The trick here is to be both accurate and precise if you want perfectly bleached eyebrows. Double check if every part of your eyebrows is evenly covered.

  1. Time matters

Always mind the clock, especially if it’s your first time. Always know that the clock starts the moment you apply the first touch of bleach. Apply the bleach and let it stay like that for no longer than ten minutes.

  1. The final touch

After waiting for ten minutes, find a wet piece of a washcloth and wipe away the crème from your eyebrows. At the same time mind the skin which might be irritated by the bleach. If it is, it’s important not to rub it with the washcloth. What matters most is to remove all the bleach from the eyebrows.

Once your eyebrows are well wiped, you can inspect the results. If needed you can add more bleaching crème. If not, find a mild cleanser and wash off your face. By doing so, you will effectively remove any leftover traces of bleach.

Final words

That’s all to it. That’s how professionals do it and how you could do it on your own. All it takes is to follow the steps mentioned above, and you will have perfectly bleached eyebrows.