Hulu is an online video streaming platform based in America.

It streams different web series and period drama for the subscribers of the USAWalt Disney Direct-to-Consumers and International detain the ownership of this appThere are many high TRP shown available for the entertainment of the people in this app.

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Hulu Ad Blocker Fire Stick

To block ads on Hulu here are the steps.

  • Firstly turn on the home screen of your device. Then go to the search bar at the top left corner. Type downloader on the search bar.
  • There you will get a popup and downloader option. Click on that. Now search for Click on ‘Go’ on your screen.
  • Then you will get the logo of ‘Blokada’. Scroll down to get the ‘Download’ option for a different version of OS. Click on the desired one to download it. Now click on ‘Install’ to make it work in your device.

Block Hulu Ads Pi-hole

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Pi-hole is an application that runs on Linux. It is basically made to block the network level ads and internet trackers. It works as a Domain Name Server sinkhole so that no one can interfere in the personal networking system. This was created by Jacob Salmela to encounter another application named AdTrap in the year 2014. After that several other contributions have been made into this app.

It has the ability to block traditional advertisements on websites. Pi-hole blocks the ads from the domain at the network level. This is why it is very useful to block advertisements. It will help you to restrict the ads you see in the web pages such as banner ads. It is also useful to block ads at unconventional locations such as Android, Windows, and such other OS.

Using Adblock on Hulu

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The first and foremost method to get rid of ads in the Hulu subscription is to use the Adblock browser plug-in. Adblock doesn’t remove the ads from the program but it brings a black screen on it. So if you don’t mind seeing that black screen, then it is the best option for you.

How do I Block Ads on the Hulu App?

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The most effective method to block ads on Hulu is to subscribe to a premium version of it. It will eliminate all the ad pop-ups when you are enjoying a movie. You will get a wide range of programs in the Hulu app. It will not cost you very high but just $11.99 per month to enjoy the ad-free subscription on Hulu. This is very effective as you will not see any of the long ads through it. It is specially made to customize your experience.

Other than that, you have options to install and announce ‘MySpeed’ that will help you to get rid of the ads in Hulu. You can refresh the page while the ad is appearing to your home screen. Take special care while you are opening the app and avoid opening a double tab at a time.

How do I Get Rid of Hulu for Free?

Are you feeling me with the appearance of ads when you are watching an interesting drama? Then here are the ways to get rid of ads in the Hulu app.

Get a 30-day free trial pack for Hulu ad-free and can enjoy an ad-free subscription of the streaming app. You have another option to upgrade Hulu ad-free subscription plan for some little cost.

You can also go for a Hulu premium up-gradation. It will allow you access to the ad-free programs and also the original programs of Hulu.


  • Hulu is an American video streaming site to stream web series and period drama.
  • You can download different software to block the ads from coming to Hulu.
  • Your best experience will appear to you if you download the Premium version of Hulu.

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