Whether you want to avoid a call from certain someone or have become inundated with telemarketer’s call, you can easily block numbers on your phone. From blocking numbers on the smartphone to landlines, everything is possible. Take a look at our guide to block numbers on different phones.

  1. Blocking a Number on iOS Device

The process to block a number on the iPhone is quite straightforward. If you are using an iOS device, you can use the following method for blocking a number.

  • Open the Settings.
  • The next step is to tap on the Option ‘Phone’ when you have iOS 11. In the earlier versions, you need to tap on General and then move to the option Phone.
  • Then choose Calls and tap on Call Blocking. Under this, you will find the option Identification and under this, Block Contact.
  • You can easily block calls from anyone under the contact list. In the number that you plan on blocking isn’t a known contact, you will find another option. Open the Phone app and choose “Recents”. Tap on the icon marked I to block the caller.
  1. Blocking a Call on Samsung

Most of the time, blocking a call on Samsung phone is the same as blocking one in stock Android. There are two ways of blocking a number on this device.

  • In case you have to enter the number on a Samsung device, open the open Phone app and tap on icon Overflow. Tap on Setting and then on Block numbers. Now, add the numbers that you would like to block. It is also possible to block all unknown numbers which are present in the menu. For this, you have to tap on option Block Unknown Callers.
  • The second option that you have is for blocking a number present on the recent call list. Tap on the option Phone and then go to Recent. Choose the number which you would like to block and then on the icon overflow. Now, choose Block number to block it.
  1. Blocking a Number on LG

It is easy to block numbers on an LG Smartphone in comparison to the others that are available in the market.

  • Simply open the Phone app and tap on Call Logs. Choose the number that you would like to block and then tap on the icon of Overflow present in the upper-right corner. You will get a drop down menu from where you have to Choose block number.
  • In case you have removed or review numbers present in the block lost, open the Phone app and then Choose Call logs. This will be followed by tapping on the Overflow icon. Choose Call Blocking and then Decline with message. Here, you will get the list of blocked numbers.
  1. Blocking Calls on HTC

With this phone, the experience is not that different that of stock Android.

  • In order to block the number, you will have to open the Phone App and tap on the tab of Call History. Press on the number that you would prefer blocking. Choose Block Contact and tap on Block caller.
  • If you have to review the numbers that you have blocked, simply tap on the icon Overflow present in the phone app.
  1. Blocking a Number on Huawei

Would you like to block a number on your Huawei smartphone? There are two ways to do this.

  • In case you have to block a particular contact, tap on the Phone and then choose the icon of Contacts. Tap on the contact which you would like to block. Then tap on the more icon present at the screen’s bottom and then choose to Add to Blacklist.
  • Numbers can also be blocked through Phone Manager. Tap on Phone Manager. Choose Gear present on the upper right corner and tap on Numbers Blacklist and then choose Add.
  1. Blocking a Number on Microsoft Phone

It is fairly easy to block a number on Microsoft Phone.

  • Tap on Settings and then choose “Call+SMS” Filter. This is present below the system header. Tap on Accept when you are prompted.
  • Choose the Toggle Switch which will turn on blocking. Now, you can block calls. Choose Phone App and go to Call history. Tap and hold on the number you wish to block.
  1. Blocking Calls on Landline

When it comes to a landline, one model differs from the other.

  • Get hold of the phone manual and read through it.
  • Get in touch with the carrier.


  • You can register the number to National Do Not Call Registry when you get repeated calls from unknown numbers.

In case someone is calling you repeatedly from various phone numbers get in touch with the police.

How do you block a number from calling me?

Most Android phones have a native number blocking feature.

Follow these steps to block a number from calling you:

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Block numbers.
  5. Enter a number.
  6. Tap Done.

Does * 67 still work?

Use *67 to hide your phone number

On a per-call basis, you can’t beat *67 at hiding your number. This trick works for smartphones and landlines.

Does * 60 block phone numbers?

The *60 code is a great way to stop specific callers from bothering you at home, but the system will only allow you to block 12 numbers in total. If you want to stop blocking the numbers you have specified, then you can do so by using the *80 code, which disables the call block feature (more on this below).

How do you block someone call without them knowing?

This is a network function and no app will be able to perform the behaviour you’re looking for. At best, you can create a custom “silent” ringtone for a known number. Else, if you’d prefer pressing the volume buttons will usually mute the ringing while giving the dialler the perception that the call remains unanswered.

Does caller know they are blocked?

If an Android user has blocked you, Lavelle says, “your text messages will go through as usual; they just won’t be delivered to the Android user.” It’s the same as an iPhone, but without the “delivered” notification (or lack thereof) to clue you in.

What does a blocked caller hear when they call you?

What happens to blocked phone calls. When you block a number on your iPhone, the blocked caller will be sent straight to your voicemail — this is their only clue that they‘ve been blocked, by the way. The person can still leave a voicemail, but it won’t show up with your regular messages.

What happens when you block someone from calling?

When you block a phone number or contact, they can still leave a voicemail, but you won’t get a notification. Messages that are sent or received won’t be delivered. Also, the contact won’t get a notification that the call or message was blocked. You can also enable settings to block spam phone calls.

How can u tell if someone has your number blocked?

Can blocked numbers call you?

Tip: Any calls you got from the number while it was blocked won’t show in your call history.

Can a blocked number call you with * 67?

No, because your caller ID is still sent. A person who calls you may have blocked their caller ID using *67. Dialing this before a number basically hides their number from the person they’re calling, and prevents anyone from calling them back. *69 allows you to find out who called your phone last…

How many times does the phone ring when you are blocked?

If the phone rings more than once, you have been blocked. However, if you hear 3-4 rings and hear a voicemail after 3-4 rings, you have probably not been blocked yet and the person has not picked your call or might be busy or is ignoring your calls.

How can someone still text me if I blocked them?

When a blocked number tries to send you a text message, it won’t go through. If they’re on iOS, they might not even see the “delivered” note in their Messages app—though it’s possible they’ll see your chat bubble turn from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS). You’ll see nothing on your end.

Why do I still get calls from blocked numbers?

Blocked numbers are still coming through. There is a reason why for this, at least I believe this is the reason why. Spammers, use a spoof app that hides their actual number from your caller i.d. so when they call you and you block the number, your blocking a number that doesn’t exist.

Why am I still getting text messages from a blocked number iPhone 2020?

If you blocked the contact, make sure it includes the number and caller ID. Is this an SMS, or is it an iMessage. If an iMessage, did you block the number, or the Apple ID. If you just added the number, then it may be coming from the Apple ID.

Can you see if a blocked number has tried to text you?

Try sending a text message

However, if a person has blocked you, you won’t see either notification. Instead, there will just be a blank space beneath your text. If you‘ve got an Android phone, your best chance is to just send a text and hope you get a response.

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

No. The ones sent when they are blocked are gone. If you unblock them, you will receive the first time they send something once they are unblocked. While blocked the messages are not held in a queue.

When you block someone on WhatsApp do they know?

Can you block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing? You can block a person on WhatsApp without them knowing. WhatsApp doesn’t notify the person that he/she has been blocked. Also, the blocked contact will no longer be able to see your last seen online, profile picture, status, and various other updates you make.

How do you stop receiving messages from someone on WhatsApp without blocking them?

Go to your phone settings (under the general Android settings) >> Apps>> Open list of Apps>>Select WhatsApp>>Tap on Notification and disable all notifications for WhatsApp. Disable vibration and popups as well.