Many reasons may trigger you to consider blocking some outgoing calls.

Firstly, you’ll not only be keeping your personal information and identity private, but also you’ll be providing yourself peace of mindNo one will interrupt you with any annoying ring as you do other better and more significant pieces of stuff.

There are many ways to block calls on your device. Even if the device doesn’t have the call blocking feature, you can use several other ways to block outgoing calls.

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However, if you are unfamiliar with blocking outgoing calls on your device, here is a guide

Blocking Outgoing Calls on Android Using Call Barring Feature

This feature is not a call blocking feature, but it will help you in blocking calls of a particular type. It’s an essential feature to use in situations when you don’t want to make or receive calls from certain numbers. For instance, you can use this feature to block all outgoing and incoming calls from international numbers.

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  • If you want to get the call barring option on your android device clicks on settings then clock on call.
  • Here, you’ll get either the “Call barring” option there. But if you don’t get it, you’ll have to move further inside. But when you don’t get this option, you can move on then click on “Additional settings” and you’ll get it there.
  • With that done, click on “Call barring” then choose the calls you want to block. Video calls or voice calls. Immediately after you select, some options will appear, that you will use to block both outgoing and incoming calls of a chosen type. Choose an option and you’ll be asked to submit a call barring passcode.
  • If you don’t know the pin, you can use the default pin code of 1234 or 0000. In case the two fail to work, you can try 1111. When nothing works, then make sure you contact the phone’s manufacturer to give you the pin.

Block Outgoing Calls Using The In-Built Features

The call blocking feature is not a built-in stock on any android device; the manufacturers only add them on their specific devices. Therefore, in many android devices, this feature may not be available. However, you have a look at the phone’s “Phone app” to check whether the functionality is there.

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  • When using the Samsung android phone, you can launch the “Phone app” then click on the menu.
  • After that, on the menu, click on “Call Settings” to gain access to the “Call Settings”.
  • Then on the “Call Settings”, click on “Call rejection”.
  • On the following page, click on the “Auto reject list” then place numbers that you’d want to block.
  • If you want to add numbers on the “Auto reject list” directly, launch the contact number, then click on the menu button.
  • On the menu, click on “Auto reject list”. This blocks the number.

Block Outgoing Calls Using a Dedicated App

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When the android phone lacks the call bearing feature, you’ll always find it using the third-party apps. The third app works even better than the in-built feature.

You can get plenty of call blocking applications on google play store that allows you to block text messages and calls. Others are free to use and offer the required features to block all incoming and outgoing calls easily.

These apps include call blocking blacklist, eFirewall, and Mr. Number.

Use a Call Blocker Free

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  • Start by downloading this app for free then open it.
  • To add all numbers that you need to block, click on “Upward flashlight,” it’s the third icon.
  • Inside there, you’ll find the “Blacklist” Click on it, and the following page hits on the “+” icon.
  • Here, you’ll just select an option that you can use to add numbers to block. You’ll see a “whitelist” that you will use to specify the numbers that will be allowed. This is essential if you want to block all numbers, but only for the few that are found on the “whitelist.”
  • If you want to alter how the calls shall be blocked, click on the menu, found on the top right corner of your screen. This appears as three vertical dots.
  • After that, on the menu, click on Settings. Then from there, select “How to block calls.”

Contact the Carrier

When you don’t want to use any phone methods to block outgoing calls, you can seek help from your service provider to help you carry out the task. The service carriers will quickly block the numbers for you, but getting the service comes with a catch.

The service is always free, but limitations accompany it. For instance, you’ll be limited to the numbers to block. Other carriers may charge a monthly fee, but you must have some control while blocking numbers.

You only have to contact the customer care support of the carrier, and they’ll do paid service or add the numbers for you. They will show you how you can add and subscribe to numbers.

Kiosk Mode

This is an advanced security mechanism backed up by the Mobile Device Manager, and it allows the locking down of the Android devices to operate only specific applications. So long as you don’t choose the dialer/phone app to be found in kiosk mode, then it can’t be accessible to either your family members or the employees. Therefore, all your outgoing calls will be blocked this way.

How to Block Outgoing Calls On iPhone

You don’t have to get worried about how you can block all outgoing calls meant for those people you hate talking to. A big thank you to iPhone for availing a range of methods that you can use to prevent those pesky calls on your device.

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Here’s a guide on how to block outgoing calls on your Apple iPhone regardless of the version.

  1. Download Then Install The Latest IOS Version

When you still lack the newest iOS version, make sure you back up then upgrade the latest version using your Wi-Fi or iTunes. However, to make this process successful, click on the main icon on the device’s screen. Choose the general option close to the top of the resulting menu.

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After that, click on the software update. Remember to connect the device to a power source, then click on the “download and install” button.

  1. Move To The Call Blocking Menu

After you’ve downloaded and installed the new iOS version, click on the main settings icon. Depending on your device’s version, the call blocking menu may be found in different places.

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When you own an iOS 11 or above, it can be accessed through scrolling to the Phone. If you’re still using the iPhone version lower than 11, then you’ll get it through clicking on General followed by Phone.

After that, you’ll get a menu with an item that’s listed as “Call Blocking & Identification” doing this navigates you to a place where you’ll add a number.

Alternatively, you can choose either FaceTime or messages on the settings to have access to the Blocked menu found on the Phone settings.

  1. Block The Desired Number
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Click on the Block Contact blue button then choose the amount that you’d want to block.

How to Block Outgoing Calls In Jio

Jio has a call blocking feature that assists you in preventing outgoing calls from some number that you don’t want.

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  • On the home screen, open the Jio security app.
  • Move across the screens up to the Device screen.
  • After that, click on ‘Call Blocking’.
  • To block any specific number, on the bottom-right corner, click the ‘+’
  • Choose a contact on the contact list or call log then click ‘OK’ to do the confirmation.
  • When you want to add any new number to the list, type the name and the number on the new tab, then click on the block.
  • Finally, tap ‘OK’ to confirm.

How to Block Outgoing International Calls

International calls are all calls made between different countries.

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Here’s what to do if you want to block all outgoing international calls

  • Begin by going to the account overview, then choose ‘my digital phone.”
  • With that done, select “My Voicemail and Phone Features” then tap Phone Features
  • Having done that, on the Phone Features tab, move down to the Outgoing calls.
  • Choose “International Call Blocking“.
  • Here, choose ON to switch on all the international call blocking.
  • You can also choose OFF to switch off any international call blocking.
  • Finally, click

Never be worried. International blocking blocks only the outgoing calls. When turned on, you will continue getting incoming calls from family and friends abroad.

How to Block Outgoing Calls on Verizon

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  • Move to the unblock and block services page on My Verizon.
  • Remember, if you own more than a single line on your account, choose the one that you need to block the caller identification for.
  • After that, click on “Additional Services”.
  • Having done that, click on the caller ID blocking.
  • Then choose continue.
  • Finally, hit OK found on the confirmation window.

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