Understanding Twitch Ads

Not all of the ads on the twitch can be removed. To understand, we have divided the ads into three categories.

  • The first categories of ADS are those ads which can be removed easily by using some browser extensions.
  • Second category are those ads which are not easy to remove but not impossible.
  • Third type of and are those which are very hard to get rid of them and it is almost impossible to remove them.

Note: that there are also ads shown during stream play called videos on demand or VOD.

How to block Twitch ads on windows

So, we are going to find a solution for ads which can be handled easily. Follow the steps below to remove ads on Windows PC.

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  • Download Google Chrome extension called Adblock and install it.
  • It will not only block twitch ads but also all the ads across the browser.

If you are not using Google Chrome you can also download ad blocking extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser etc. Some websites do not allow to visit on them with ad blocker enabled. So, you can also disable the Adblock for any website that does not allow it.

How to block twitch ads on android

Android ads are very annoying especially when you watch the videos the add loads before the videos play. So, to get rid of ADS on twitch you need to download Adblock app.

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After downloading and installing this app on your Android device follow the instructions below to set it up for twitch.

  • First of all, check for the app updates by tapping on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen and tap on Check updates.
  • In the new window Tap on update all.
  • Switch to ad blocker tab and Tap on https filtering.
  • You will be prompted to set up a pattern, to verify your identity for the future actions.
  • That’s it. You have blocked ads on your Android smartphone on twitch app.

Twitch video on demand ads

On demand is a feature of twitch by which you can watch the videos which are streamed in the past. This is beneficial for you if you are not able to watch the streaming exactly at the same time it is streaming.

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The streamers sometimes load ads in Video on demand, and it plays after every 5 to 10 minutes of the play time.

So, to get rid of these ads you have only one choice that is the report function of the app. When you report 5 to six 6 times that, this ad is played too many times, or it is to louder, then there are strong chances that you have successfully blocked these ads in your Video on demand.

Only a two seconds black screen will appear and you will be back to your video. But this method is not efficient because, if the ads started again to appear, you have to repeat the process again. Better option is to use add blocking extensions and it is described above.

Twitch Turbo to get rid of ads

So, if you are very strict to the ads you can and subscribe for twitch Turbo which gives following benefits.

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  • You will not be annoyed by the ads during the videos. No freerolls and no comment companions.
  • Double emoticons are given to turbo users. You have to choose one emoticon out of two, but you can change it later.
  • Change the color of the username in chats.
  • You will be given a badge, representing that you are a turbo subscriber.
  • Save your broadcast of past 60 days instead of 14 days.
  • Turbo users are given priority at customer support section.

Block Twitch ads on iPhone and iPad

To block twitters on iPhone iPad you need to download an app called adguard. Follow the steps below to set it up on your iOS device.

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  • Open settings.
  • Tap on Safari.
  • Get into content blocker option and turn on adguard.

Note: By using adguard iOS app, you cannot block the ads inside the twitch app. It blocks the ads only in the Safari Browser.

Block twitch ads on mac OS

Download the adguard software for your Mac OS. Install it and follow the on-screen instructions. At last, tap on turn on protection to start the software. Now, when you will be watching twitch on your browser you will be saved from many ads.

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How to block Twitch ads using Non-native Twitch Player Apps

There are several third-party apps that let you to watch Twitch streams ad-free. It also provides some helpful added features such as instant replay of the previous live broadcast, audio only mode, and others.

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