As kids, we all enjoyed blowing bubbles with gum.

Rolling it on our tongue and competing with friends to make the biggest balloon was a favorite pastimeIn addition, it just made chewing gum a lot of funAnd gradually we realized there is a technique behind blowing good bubbles.

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What is Bubble Gum?

For a layman, it is a chewing gum designed to be blown out of the mouth as a bubble. In other words, this gum inflates once it becomes soft and rubber-like in the mouth. Such gums were originally made of chicle, a rubbery substance derived from the Sapodilla tree native to South America. This chewing substance is designed in such a way that it cannot be broken down for swallowing. Therefore, many substances like artificial colors, fruit flavors, and a glue base are added to sugar so as to make it taste better and last longer in the mouth.

  • Bubble Gum is a chewing gum that can be inflated out of the mouth. Originally made from chicle, a rubbery substance found in South America.
  • Artificial flavors and colors are added to improve the taste. Designed for chewing and not swallowing.

The Right Technique to Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles with gum requires a certain technique to get it right. In other words, to make a good bubble you must chew the right gum, breathe in a particular way and place it at the right place on your tongue. Always remember, sugary and fresh gums make good bubbles. Keep chewing the gum till it becomes soft and rubbery. To make a bubble the tongue and the teeth have an equally important part to play. Therefore, flatten the gum behind your front teeth and with your tongue. Finally, breathe into the gum and gently push it out of your mouth as a bubble.

  • Buy fresh and sugary gum. Keep chewing the gum till it becomes rubbery enough.
  • Flatten it behind the front teeth. Push it with your tongue and blow into it. Along with your breath, gently push the gum out of your mouth.

Best Gum for Blowing Bubbles

There are a couple of things you must keep in mind while choosing the right gum to make a bubble. The gum should be fresh and sugary. Both of these things make it more elastic.

  • The gum should be fresh. There should be good sugar content to make it elastic.
  • There are sugar-free gums too available in the market.

Is Blowing Bubbles with Gum Bad for You?

Chewing gum has many benefits. For instance, it can help you kick the bad habit of smoking, prevent bad breath, and even reduce weight by killing your diet. However, chewing too much of it comes with some side-effects.

  • Eating too much sugar leads to certain health problems. Chewing sugar regularly can spoil your teeth.
  • Constant chewing can lead to a jaw problem.


Blowing the right bubble requires practice and good technique. It is not enough to blow a bubble, but you should know how to blow the right bubble big and one that does not burst immediately.

  • Use fresh and sugary gum.
  • Wet your lips so that the gum does not stick to them.
  • Keep rolling the gum to make it elastic.
  • Don’t over-chew it or else, it will become brittle.
  • Breathe slowly while trying to make the bubble. In other words, don’t try to blow too quickly.

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