Best friends know everything about each other, including their relationships. Do you think that your best friend’s partner is not good for them? Your friend may not realize it, but you can clearly see that the relationship is not healthy. Here are some of the ways you can break up the couple so that your friend can do it better:

  1. Start Spending More Time with the Couple

Let’s start hanging out with your best friend and their partner so that you get an idea about their relationship.

  • Meet the couple whenever you get the chance. Observe how they interact with each other.
  • Get to know your friend’s partner. Notice how they talk, how they treat your friend, and how they behave in general.
  • Ask them questions about their personal lives and see how forthcoming they are. Try to find out if they are being deceptive or putting up a show.
  1. Create Doubt in Your Friend’s Mind

Make your friend reconsider their relationship by creating doubts in their mind.

  • Ask your friend if they are really sure about their relationship.
  • Tell them that they are going too fast and maybe their partner is not looking for anything serious.
  • Tell your friend to be careful and not invest too much into the relationship.
  • Warn your friend about any ulterior motives the person might have.
  1. Point Out Their Partner’s Weaknesses

Keep observing their partner and look out for their bad traits and habits.

  • Whenever you notice their partner doing something undesirable, comment on it.
  • Point out a bad habit of their partner which you know your friend cannot tolerate. Ask your friend if they are willing to put up with these habits.
  • Ask your friend if they are okay with all of the unhealthy behaviors of their partner.
  • Make your friend realize how different they are from their partner.
  1. Play on Their Insecurities

If your friend does not feel secure in their relationship, bring up their insecurities.

  • Ask your friend if they are totally comfortable in their relationship.
  • Ask your friend if their partner makes them feel insecure or unsure about their relationship status.
  • Inquire your friend if their partner gives them enough time and attention.
  • Ask your friend if their partner is ever rude or mean to them. Also, ask them if their partner ever apologizes for their mistakes and makes amends.
  1. Ask Difficult Questions

Your friend may be enjoying their relationship with their partner, but they may have not thought of some important things.

  • Ask your friend if their partner is fully committed to their relationship.
  • Ask them if they have thought of future plans.
  • Make them realize the consequences of a long term relationship and how it will affect their life.
  • Ask your friend if their partner is stable and capable of taking care of them.
  1. Compare Their Partner with Others

Make your friend realize that their partner may not be compatible and there may be someone else better suited for them.

  • List down the most important qualities your friend desires in a partner and ask them if their partner has all those qualities.
  • Point out their partner’s shortcomings and tell your friend that they should not settle or compromise.
  • Remind your friend of their previous relationships and ask them to compare their partner with their exes.
  1. Make Their Partner Jealous

The green monster of jealousy shows everyone’s true colors.

  • Plant jealousy into your friend’s partner and note their reaction.
  • Notice if their partner has issues with your friend hanging out with the opposite gender.
  • Tell your friend not to give in to their partner’s wishes of not talking to other people just because their partner is jealous.
  • If your friend is being controlled and manipulated by their partner, confront them about it.
  1. Bring Back Your Friend’s Ex into the Picture

Sometimes, people go into rebound after a broken heart. In such cases, bringing back an ex into the picture may lend some perspective.

  • Inquire your friend about their ex and ask them if they still have feelings for them.
  • Invite the ex into one of your group outings and see if the spark is still there.
  • Old feelings may resurface and your friend may reconsider their current relationship.
  1. Bring Back Their Partner’s Ex into the Picture

Introduce the partner’s ex into the picture! This may give your friend some insight about their partner.

  • Ask your friend’s partner why they broke up with their ex.
  • Ask them if their previous relationship was serious.
  • Inquire as to whether they are still friends with their ex.
  • Make sure your friend hears the conversation and observe their reaction.
  1. Introduce Your Friend to Someone New

You are aware of all your friend’s likes and dislikes and what kind of partner they want.

  • Introduce your friend to someone who you think may be good for them.
  • Casually ask them to hang out in a group and leave your friend alone with them.
  • You could also set up a date with someone who has a crush on your friend. Your friend may be curious and might give them a chance.
  1. Call Out on Their Partner’s Bad Behavior

Your friend should know what kind of person they are dating. If their partner is up to no good, you should inform your friend.

  • If the person is disrespecting you or someone close to your friend, tell your friend.
  • And , if the person has bad habits or is addicted to something, your friend has a right to know.
  • Keep your friend informed about anything suspicious their partner has indulged in.
  • Ask your friend to note their partner’s behavior during arguments.
  1. Find Out about Their Partner’s Past

Check out the background of the person your friend is dating.

  • Find out how many relationships the person had before dating your friend.
  • Ask around about their previous relationships and why they didn’t work.
  • Get information about the person from their friend circle and find out if they have a shady past.
  • Find out how the person treated their exes.
  1. Keep Your Friend Busy

Try to keep your friend busy and distracted so that they don’t get much time with their partner.

  • Make plans with your friend regularly and don’t invite their partner.
  • Ask your friend to join some hobby or go on a trip with you.
  • Make your friend realize that they can have fun without their partner.
  1. Watch Out for Signs that Their Partner Might Cheat

Unfortunately, cheating has become very common these days. Check out for signs that may indicate cheating.

  • Find out if the person is in touch with their exes.
  • Observe their body language when they are in a group and see if it indicates that they are being flirtatious.
  • Keep a note of canceled plans and dates and ask your friend about their partner’s whereabouts.
  • Ask your friend if their partner acts secretive and is unusually protective about their phones and passwords.
  1. Create Trust Issues

Trust is an important part of any relationship. Watch out for signs that the person is not trustworthy.

  • If the person constantly makes excuses and cancels dates, point it out to your friend subtly.
  • Ask your friend if their partner is always on the phone, and if so, who do they talk to.
  • Inquire your friend if their partner shares everything with them.
  • Ask if the person discusses important topics with them before making a decision.
  1. Catch the Partner’s Lies

Everyone lies now and then. But keeping major secrets in a relationship is a big No-No.

  • Listen to the person carefully and notice if they are making up stories.
  • Be blunt with the person and check if they are being honest or not.
  • Confront the person in front of your friend if you catch them lying.
  1. Keep a Track on Their Partner’s Social Media

Casual flirting has become very common thanks to social media. Keep a lookout for any signs of cheating.

  • Check out if your friend’s partner has their relationship status updated on social media.
  • Check out the person’s social media activities and the things they comment on.
  • Ask your friend to put upload pictures so that their relationship becomes public and their partner doesn’t indulge in flirting.
  1. Share the Gossip with Your Friend

Hearing gossip about yourself from your friend is better than hearing it from others. Keep your friend updated.

  • Be truthful and tell your friend whatever things, good or bad, you have heard about their relationship.
  • If someone has told you secrets about your friend’s partner, share it with your friend in a way that doesn’t hurt them.
  • Ask your friend to confront their partner about the rumors and gossips they are involved in.
  1. Have a Meaningful Discussion with Your Friend

One of the best ways of helping out your friend with relationship issues is to have a long chat with them.

  • Take some time out and have a clear discussion with your friend about their relationship troubles.
  • Ask them what they want in a relationship and what are the problems they are currently facing.
  • Be empathetic and listen to what your friend is saying.
  1. Give Your Honest Opinion

If you have a bad feeling about your friend’s relationship, it is best, to be honest, and forthcoming with your friend.

  • Share your concerns about the relationship with your friend.
  • Tell them why you don’t think that the relationship is right for them.
  • Mention the things that you dislike about your friend’s partner and why you think your friend is better off without them.


  • Even though we have the best intentions in our heart as a friend, we should realize our boundaries and step back if our friend wishes to be with their partner despite our advice.
  • We should respect our friend’s privacy and accept their decision once and for all. We shouldn’t go behind their backs to prove a point.
  • However, if the person your friend is dating is involved in some really distasteful matters or is cheating on them, your friend has a right to know.
  • If the person is manipulating your friend and taking advantage of them, try to collect evidence and show it to your friend.