Is it possible to get true pacifist first run?

Help! You cannot accomplish a True Pacifist Run unless you have at least one Neutral under your belt. If you spared everyone, you can reload your save, and go hang out with Papyrus and Undyne.

Can you do a true pacifist run after a neutral run?

You can only do it after neutral. No need to reset your game after your neutral run, (unless you gained any EXP or LOVE) you can just go back, hang out with Undyne, and do the True Lab part to get to the final boss of the Pacifist Route.

How do you get true pacifist after neutral?

If you play through the neutral run without killing any monsters, then after the final boss fight, you’ll unlock post-game content that eventually reaches the true pacifist ending.

What happens if you do pacifist before genocide?

By playing the Pacifist Route first, you get to form emotional bonds with the characters, making it much more emotional and heartbreaking when you completely destroy those bonds in the Genocide Route. When playing the Genocide Route first, you miss out on a lot of interesting stuff that you see in the Pacifist Route.

What happens if you stay with Toriel?

You can stay with Toriel, but nothing happens. If you go down the path, and she tells you to stay, and you do, when you go to sleep, you get this message with Asgore’s voice saying that you must continue. Technically you can, but it won’t progress the story.

How many endings are in Undertale?

93 endings
Undertale has 93 endings; one speedrunner aims to see them all.

Does uninstalling Undertale reset it?

6 Answers. If you’re running the Steam version of the game, deleting files in the save directory won’t be enough. Steam Cloud will automatically restore those files, and it also keeps a local cache of the files to restore them even if you’re offline.

Should I do neutral pacifist or genocide first?

As the game keeps track of how each playthrough ends up we’d strongly suggest a Pacifist walkthrough first followed by Genocide in order to get the standard version of each, and then you’re free to experiment. There’s also a bonus ‘Hard Mode’ to discover, too. Of course, before you progress, expect spoilers ahead.

Is it possible to spare Sans in Undertale?

There is no way to spare him, you have to fight.

What happens if you say no to Chara?

Refusing this offer causes Chara to abandon the protagonist, only to offer the same choice again after the game is restarted and another 10 minutes elapse.

How do I get my soul back in Undertale?

When you lose your SOUL, there is no getting one back. Flowey makes sure that you never get the chance.

What is Flowey’s time machine?

Flowey’s Time Machine has an Advanced Mode for more detailed viewing and editing of file0. The vast majority of Undertale’s save file is stored as a series of 512 “flags” containing extremely varied information, from your preferred pie flavor to whether you remembered Heats Flamesman’s name.

Why did Chara climb Mt Ebott?

i’m here to propose a different idea: chara didn’t want to die; they climbed mt. ebott in search of hope. let’s look at the facts. chara hated humanity, asriel tells frisk.

What gender is Frisk?

Technically, Frisk does not have a gender. In the game, they are referred as “Dude” by monster kid and before the true pacifist ending, “they”. So there isn’t any gender for them.

What happens if you do genocide twice?

Undertale. After a genocide run, you sell your soul to do another run. The world is erased again after a second genocide run.