Amazon Freetime is a good resource for your kids. It has child content that is fascinating and educative as well. But sometimes you might need to cut on secondary spending. Follow these steps to cancel;

Using your PC

  • You need to be logged in to your amazon account. Visit the amazon website using your normal login credentials.
  • Scroll and hover your cursor over the Accounts & Lists option which is at the top right corner of your screen. Click this option and an expanded menu will appear.
  • Tap your Amazon Freetime from the menu that will appear. This menu also shows your membership details. This option is at the bottom of the menu.
  • Click Cancel Amazon Freetime Membership which is below the Manage Membership header which is at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click End Membership on that date. There is a yellow button at the right bottom of your screen. You will enjoy your subscription up to the date that you paid after which you will be unsubscribed from this program.

On your iPhone/Android phone

  • Click on the Amazon app. If you are already logged in, you can move to the next step. However, if you are not logged in, tap the top right corner of your screen on the Hello, Sign in option.
  • Once you sign in, you will be taken to the Amazon homepage where you will have a list of features to choose from.
  • Tap on the Accounts &Lists option so that you can an expanded menu. This menu provides all the options from Amazon.
  • Click on the Amazon Freetime option. Doing this will provide a drop down menu.
  • Tap on the Manage Content & Subscription option. Once you are on this page, input your Parental Control Password so as to move forward.
  • Once on this page, click Unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime.

When you unsubscribe from this service, you will be able to access the services up to the date that your subscription ends. The content that you had purchased for your kid will also still be accessible. Any refund that Amazon may owe you will be processed with immediately. The refund may take some days but should not last a week.  The refund will also be disbursed to your Amazon payment wallet. If you want to subscribe back to the service, you can use the usual subscription procedure and you can start afresh again.

How do I get rid of Amazon FreeTime?

To unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited:
  1. From the Parent Settings screen of Amazon FreeTime, tap Manage Content & Subscription.
  2. Enter your parental controls password and tap OK.
  3. Under Manage Subscription Content, tap Unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

What is Amazon FreeTime charge?

FreeTime offers subscribers unlimited access to over 13,000 kid-friendly games, books, movies, TV shows, and educational apps for a flat fee starting at $2.99 a month for Prime subscribers.

How do I cancel my Amazon FreeTime unlimited PC?

What happens if I cancel FreeTime unlimited?

After you unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a full refund will be processed from the most recent subscription charge. Any content from your subscription will no longer be accessible. Content you’ve purchased and added to your child’s profile will still be accessible.

Why do I keep getting charged for Amazon FreeTime?

If you purchased one of the Amazon Fire Kids edition tablets, when you signed up you got a free year of Amazon Freetime. After that year is over Amazon starts charging you monthly. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership and one kid on the tablet, it’s $2.99 per month plus tax.

Is Amazon FreeTime worth it?

Overall Amazon FreeTime Unlimited reviews are good with many parents appreciating the service and the content. Many of the complaints on Amazon came from the renewal process after switching from a free year that comes with a Kids Edition Fire Tablet.

How much does FreeTime unlimited cost?

Amazon offers its FreeTime Unlimited service to Prime members for $2.99 per child or $6.99 per family. Non-members will, of course, pay a bit more. If you have more than one child, opting for a yearly family membership is a good way to save, with Prime members paying just $83 per year for up to four children.

How do you cancel a subscription on Amazon?

Select the app you wish to remove and there will be an option to cancel your payments. If you’re an Android user, open the Google Play Store and click on the menu. Go to the Subscriptions tab and choose the service you’d like to cancel.

How do I cancel a subscription and save on Amazon?

Cancel Your Subscribe & Save Subscription
  1. Go to Your Subscribe & Save Items.
  2. Hover over the subscription you’d like to cancel and select Edit.
  3. Select Cancel subscription.
  4. Select Confirm cancellation.

How do I cancel subscriptions?

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

Can you subscribe and save and then cancel?

You can cancel Subscribe & Save orders at any time with no penalty (up until the items lock for shipment, which is when Amazon charges you for them). I often cancel items right after their first shipment arrives, using its delivery as my reminder to cancel.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime auto renewal?

Go to Account & Settings, then select the Your Account tab. For a Prime Video-only subscription, select End Subscription. Prime Video is also included with an Amazon Prime membership – to cancel an Amazon Prime membership, under Prime Membership, select Edit on Amazon.

Is Amazon Subscribe and save a good deal?

Is Subscribe and Save the Best Deal? According to LendEDU’s data, Subscribe and Save is not the best deal out there. The study compared prices between Amazon and Costco and found that Amazon shoppers spend quite a bit more on the same items.

Can you cancel Amazon food subscription?

Go to Manage Your Subscriptions. From either the Deliveries or Subscription tab, you can Click on the subscription for the item you‘d like to modify. Click Cancel subscription, then click Confirm cancellation.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime and get a refund?

You can end your Prime membership by selecting the End Membership button on this page. Paid members who haven’t used their benefits are eligible for a full refund of the current membership period. We’ll process the refund in three to five business days.

What happens if you cancel Amazon Subscribe and Save?

You can cancel at any time via Your Subscribe & Save Items page, which can be found in Your Account. If you cancel your subscription and then reactivate it, the discount applied to any Subscribe & Save item may not be the same discount in effect at the time of cancellation.

Where is manage subscriptions on Amazon?

Go to Your Account. Select Your Apps under Digital content and devices. Select Your Subscriptions under Manage. Update your subscription as needed.