You can find agents and third-party that go through the running and waiting for stuff to cancel your Blink Fitness Membership on behalf of you.

They ask you to give them the details in a form and they will custom draft a termination notice on your behalf and send it over to the gymThere are also some rules and terms that you can understand before making a requestHere is a brief summary of the same.

  1. List out the Required Stuff

For those who cannot afford luxury equipment and amenities, Blink Fitness offers an affordable route. These are located in very few states operated by Equinox Fitness. There is a complete list of information that you should keep ready before applying. For example, the below list:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address, both billing, and account
  • Email ID
  • Reasons for cancellation
  • Your account Username and Password
  • Account information, number, and other things
  • Date of birth

The above information is the one you had given to them while applying for membership in the first place. So, keeping a record of the same will be very useful later. If this was done online, you can save them for future reference somewhere. Either through email confirmation or through saving them offline, you can keep this safe.

  1. Canceling Your Subscription

If you are sure of canceling your subscription when you are applying, do ask about the same and keep things ready. Many membership plans have their own set of rules, notification period and terms and conditions. It is really difficult to get to them if you have not kept read any of the things with you. For a small example, the reason for cancellation is important.

There are different methods for canceling your membership too.

  • For example, there is one by Phone Call and by Certified Mail through the US Post Office. The one that is convenient for you is the one you should opt for.
  • For example, certified mail will help you keep a record of the conversation offline.

In case there is a legal case in the future, you can use them for your case.

  1. The Via-Phone-Call Method

Blink Fitness provides you with a Live Agent to cancel your membership. The steps are listed below and must be taken care of as soon as possible.

  • The first thing is to call the gym that you had obtained your membership form. Or, the gym that you attend frequently, call them and inquire about your ongoing membership and plans.
  • Inquire about information about canceling your membership.
  • You have to provide your information on the call to the representative that is helping you out for locating your account.
  • You will receive information about any contracts or not. At times, you cannot cancel your membership within the commitment period.
  • At times, even after a phone call and request to cancel the membership, you would have to follow some additional instructions.

Take care of the methods and instructions listed out to you by the representative. That is the accurate information you can get regarding your Blink Fitness Membership Cancellation request. You can also inquire about any pending dues or billing cycle that you have to still abide by.

  1. Use of Certified Mail to Advance Your Request

As mentioned above, you can write a letter asking for the cancellation of your Blink Fitness membership. It is mostly better to go through the phone call and confirm your status before making the request.

  • Write the letter and put all the information regarding your account to help them locate it.
  • Offer a clear reason for canceling your membership and the intent of the letter.
  • You should send your letter using certified mail to the Blink Fitness Member Services, 386 Park Ave South 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016 as per the address. The intent of using certified mail is that you get the confirmation of the reception of your letter by them.
  • Now, you can again call them over the phone and inquire about the same. You could ask for more things like receipt of the letter, a confirmation email from them until you are ensured that your account has been canceled.


At all times, maintain records of conversation, email exchange letters so that you can use them as proof when demanded.

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