Despite being subscribed to Premium Trial for 30 days, you would not want to continue for several reasons.

Maybe there is not enough resource that you like or you have got a premium account from elsewhereThe problem is if you do not cancel it beforehand, your card details are already shared and they can charge you.

  1. Go to your Spotify Account

The first thing, you need to do it go ahead to your Spotify account. Go and log into it. Or, you can directly go to the browser from your desktop or laptop to On the right corner you can see the log in button. Do so using either your email and password or your Facebook. Either way works fine. But once you are inside, is what matters.

  1. Once Logged in, Go to Accounts

The first step you need to do for canceling your subscriptions or Premium Trial is head over to your Subscriptions page. Click on your account/profile picture. Drop down menu pops up with a link to “Accounts”. This then opens up another page. You can see “Overview”, “Profile” and “Subscription”. Now, you have found it and click on the Subscription here.

  1. Find your Premium Trial

Once you are here, at the bottom you have the option to cancel your subscription. First, go to “View your options”. Then, select from that the cancel option and continue with the steps. You will be required to give a reason that you wish to cancel this subscription for. You have three options now. “Stay Premium”, “Try Unlimited” and “Cancel Subscription.” On this too, you have to click on the third option and continue. Finally, on the next page, you can find the subscription to Premium Trial that you wished to cancel. Click on “Cancel Spotify Premium subscription” and this takes to cancel your plan.

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