Some insects are as vexatious as gnats. However, dealing with is not that difficult. Gnats are originated in various places around you including household items and plants and more.

To prevent gnats from spreading relative measures have to be taken in time as when few in numbers they are harmless, but as they start forming clouds, they create a nuisance. Here are some useful ways to overcome your Gnats issues.

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  1. Look Closer

The very first thing in the process is too identify whether you’re infected by fruit flies, or drain flies, or fungus gnats. Identifying the right type of gnat will lead to subsequent accurate solutions to completely get rid of them and make your place gnat proof.

  • When you see the kind of organism, you’re affected by turn online to recognize which kind it is.
  • Once you’ve recognized the organism research about its features and characteristics.
  • They are disproportionately annoying and being tiny hard to get a hold of.
  1. Eliminating Favorable Living Conditions

These gnats are favorable to warm and wet conditions. Wherever there is moisture there are gnats, and in these favorable conditions, they start growing even more. Eliminating these conditions or habitats they lie help in getting rid of them and stop any further breeding.

  • Keep all corners and places in your house that remain wet, completely dry.
  • Use fans or absorbent powder to dry out the wet or moisturized spots.
  • Using the humidifier will also help in eliminating the humidity and therefore not letting gnats get used to their environments.
  1. Commercial Agents

There are several chemicals or agents available to clean out the more rigid and unreachable places from where gnats grow up. Using such agents, clear them out from there origination points.

  • Enzymatic, foaming cleansers are the most worth working in adaptable conditions.
  • There are several, non-toxic, enzymatic drain cleaners you could use for cleaning out the unreachable spots.
  • Bleach, ammonia and vinegar rich products will help the most to get rid of gnats.
  1. Unnecessary Lights

Gnats grow in the light, apart from the wet and warm conditions. They like to grow up more in habitats that are a combination of all these three features. Eliminating even in of them will slightly make it difficult for the gnats to thrive.

  • Fix your corners that have moisture and darkness with battery equipped led lights.
  • Don’t provide them with dark in any of the places; create lighting arrangements for any such area in the house that is wet so that they don’t get habitual.
  1. Contaminated Soil

Wet soil is the berry fast attracting agent towards gnats. You must always aloe the soil of your plants to dry out before you water the houseplants.

Constantly damp soil will attract the gnats and will promote their mold growth. Try to keep a hold on watering the plants, unless they’re completely dry.

  • Try sticking your finger 1-2 inches deep in the soil surface in order to assess and test the soil.
  • If your finger has soil stuck to it then you should hold off from watering the plants, but if it comes out dry with just crumbled soil you can water then.
  1. Pets

With your pets staying outside playing into the mud and leaves and unable to identify the setting they are passing their time in. it is very easy for the gnats to attach themselves to your pets through the soil or the trees.

  • Make sure you give your pet a bath if they’ve come from a dirty plying session.
  • Clean your pet’s way into the house so as to remove any dirt that might attract the gnats to enter into the house.
  1. Particular Plants

Sometimes, we over water the plants, but the other times there are certain kinds of plants that retain way more water than normal waters and some kinds of plants that don’t even need that much water in them. Before putting up any plants you must know their features and be clear about how much water they require and how regularly.

  • You must use containers the t has holes in them and do not hold water for much longer. You must make sure that plants should be watered only when they are completely dry.
  • If you are using the saucers beneath the plants that contain the extra water, make sure you timely remove and empty it, so that unnecessary water doesn’t accumulate.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Traps

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar traps are the most commonly used methods when it comes to controlling the gnat infestation. You can find a used car or jar and fill it halfway with the vinegar, try mixing dish soap in it to break its tension, so as to not let the trapped gnats get away.

  • Leave this jar in the area where you have seen the greatest number of gnats and fungus.
  • Before sealing the lid, make sure to poke holes in it so that once the flies get trapped, they can’t escape it.
  • Other effective baits to attract the gnats can be beer mixed with vinegar or bananas mashed in the vinegar solutions.
  1. Drain Pipes

These locations are the worst locations for the gnats’ infestation, as this are not in easy reach to us and fulfills all the habitual conditions for gnats to grow more. You are required to scrub inside the drain pipes. The slimy and greasy grime inside the pipes is the best habitat for gnats.

  • You need boiling water for the drains, once you’re done scrubbing inside the pipes, drop the boiling water mixed with lemon.
  • Ammonia mixed with baking soda does another better effect on all that collected debris inside the pipes.
  • Foaming products can be used too as they are formed to eat away the debris, these foaming products work better than every other liquid cleaner.
  • Make sure to use them with your mouth covered, as the odor is rigid and pungent.
  1. Wine and Soap

A wine and soap trap is one of the most famous homemade DIY for getting rid of the gnats. This might feel costly over the use of wine in it but proves to be very beneficial when it comes to trapping those filthy insects in your trap and getting completely rid of them.

  • Take a cup and fill it halfway with red wine and then mix a tablespoon of dish soap in it.
  • Just leaving it in the area where they are the most, open-ended without any covering will attract them to the cup and trap them, faster than you could think.
  1. Remove Food Resources

Cleaning must be done particularly to keep them away from any sort of garbage or spills or used and unclean dishes. Make sure you don’t leave any leftovers here and there. All such small things attract gnats very easily towards them.

  • Wipe up spills immediately, and must wash used pots or utensils promptly.
  • Try and keep your all sorts of food in airtight containers and store them in securely closed cabinets.
  • Make sure you notice all the sneaky spills, like corners with juices or forgotten onions.
  1. Check for Holes

These filthy and small creatures don’t need much space to crawl in your place and start acting up, so it is really important for you to make sure that there are no such areas in the house.

  • Check your doors and windows for any gaps, cracks or holes.
  • If there are any tears in the window screens make sure to repair them. And weather-stripping must be added to the gaps or crevices in the doors.
  • Find out holes or vents on the exterior of your home and make sure to seal them with caulk or fine mesh screens.
  1. Damp Spots

It is best to eliminate all the damp spots in your house. This is what attracts them the most and will make them increase in thousands in a short span of time. Make sure to wipe those damp spots with bleach solutions or household cleaners. The more you keep treating such spots and preventing them from coming up again, the easier it will become to get rid of the nasty pests.

  • If the need is, storing your damp towels in a lidded hamper is a very good idea and dirty mop head washing thoroughly before storing.
  • Checking areas beneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks are important so as to treat if there are any leaks.
  • Keep your curtains open and let that sunlight come right through it as it will prevent dampness.
  • Humidity monitor is another one of those devices that will help you maintain the humidity levels in your place below 50%.
  1. Removal of the Source

When it comes to the plants that attract gnats towards them, it is better to not plant them in the house as even though after taking all the measures to get rid of them, if the original source is present then it will get difficult to get rid of them completely. Fungus gnats specifically are attracted to the damp soil.

  • Fruit flies are specifically attracted to the rotten fruits; make sure you don’t have any rotten fruits or leftover peels to attract them.
  • Overwatering your plants might lead to these fungus gnats breeding over 800 eggs in one session, which might turn into a bigger problem.
  • The siding of your garage might also harbor molds and attract the gnats into the house. Make sure to keep them clean.
  1. Gnat Spray

The easiest way for running the gnats away are the gnats spray, you can find them in the market but also it is something you can easily make by yourself and use whenever it is required. As it is just a spray, it can always be handy whenever you need it.

  • This spray is prepared by mixing liquid soap in warm water.
  • Mixing a teaspoon of dish soap with at least 500 ml of warm water is the solution you need. Transfer this solution into the spray bottle.
  • Let this mixture sit for 2-3 hours and then spray it in places where you have gnats’ infestation.
  1. Repellent

With several gnats repellent, you can find in the market, DEET should be present in the repellent and so it can be sprayed on clothes, or corners that are affected.

  • Look for Chemical sprays in the market that are made mainly with the composition of DEET.
  • DEET is the component that makes it difficult to survive for the gnats because of its odor.
  1. Severe Infestation

If the gnats infestation in your home has gone out of hand and you cannot simply control it with the methods mentioned above, you must get out and contact the experts or the pest control services in your city. Handling such intense situations by yourself might make the infestations even worse.

  • Severe infestations can be judged by the number of gnats affecting your house if they are more in numbers than you could personally handle, it is best to call for professional help.
  • Ask the experts about how you can help them in any way and gather the stuff they want you to, in order to complete the process.
  1. Use Sticky Traps

If you are quite unlucky, these gnats come back season after season. Then, those fruit fly sticky traps are of no use.

  • It is better to use automatic equipment. In that case, it is better to purchase an electronic bug zapper around your area. It is just a better option than installing all the fly traps and stuff.
  • The zapper will also kill mosquitoes and other small flying insects at the same time. These are expensive though, compared to other traps made of glue and all. But, the time spends on them vs. the investment gives a good return for years.
  1. Use Candle Trap

The candle trap is more for one-time involvement. In areas infested with flies, you can make use of them. They are not going to last long though.

  • Again, you need to make everything dark in the area. So, the time consumed is also much high. This is simple to build on the other hand, and you can try it right at home.
  • These candle traps are effective for killing the flies right away. Don’t forget to add a dash of soap into the water around it. This makes it even more lethal or impossible for these flies to escape once they have landed on the water.
  1. Use of Essential Oils

One thing about the use of essential oils and preparing your own fruit fly spray is that such oils are organic and made of natural ingredients.

  • If they are not, then they can have chemicals that are toxic to your pets. This is a precautionary measure especially for those who have pets around.
  • For others, it is a reminder to not recommend this method to your friends or family with pets. Yes, this is a DIY method and is effective too, but cleaning afterward is a must.


  • From fruit flies to the fungus gnats, they are differently categorized but are harmless and can be killed or removed with easy above-mentioned methods.

Be sure to wear the necessary safety covers so as to not get allergy affecting conditions from the gnats or the mess they leave behind.

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