Tinder is a location-based social mobile app, mostly used for dating. You can chat, like, dislike, and follow other users on Tinder. Like other mobile apps, Tinder also allows you to make custom settings according to your needs. You can change your age on Tinder with the following ways.

Change Age on Tinder on iPhone

If you sign into Tinder through the Facebook app, you can change your age on Facebook and the change will be reflected on Tinder within a day. Of course, you can directly change your age on Tinder through its official app from your iPhone.

  • Open Tinder app on your iPhone (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tinder/id547702041). Tap the ‘Profile’ icon that appears at the top of the main window.
  • Go to ‘Settings’. Tap ‘Delete Account’. Tap ‘Confirm to Delete the Account’.
  • Now, ‘Sign-In’ into your Facebook account and update your age on your Facebook account.
  • Open Tinder again. Create a new account.

Change Age on Tinder Android

Like changing your age on Tinder from iPhone, you can do it from your android device too. The following steps will help you change age on Tinder from your Android device within a few minutes.

  • ‘Log-In’ to your Facebook account from your android device. Navigate to your birth year and click on ‘Edit’.
  • The point you must remember is that Facebook won’t allow you to edit your age as many times as possible a day. As of now, you can edit your age only once, so do it right.
  • Change your age. ‘Sign-Out’ from the Facebook account. ‘Sign-In’ into Tinder via its mobile app.
  • Click on ‘App Settings’ and delete your account. Deleting the application from your phone won’t delete your account. You must delete your account.
  • Deleting your account will delete your contacts, conversations, and more.
  • Tap ‘Confirm’ to delete the account. Go to Facebook and check whether your age has been updated or not. If it is updated, download the Tinder app again on your mobile.
  • Now, ‘Sign-In’ into Tinder using Facebook. Create an account and you can see your updated age.

Change Age on Tinder Reddit

If your age is not accurate on Facebook, it might create a problem with Tinder when matching your results. You can change the age of Tinder with the below-mentioned steps.

  • ‘Log-In’ to your Facebook account through your mobile device or desktop. Click ‘About’. Then ‘Overview’. Click ‘Edit Profile’ link or update info button.
  • Scroll down to your basic info section and update your birthday date. Make sure to check that your birth date is updated and visible. Now, open the Tinder app on your device.
  • Tap on the ‘Gear Button’ that reads ‘App settings’. Scroll down and tap on ‘Delete Account’. Tap ‘Delete’ when prompted.
  • Uninstall the Tinder app from your device. Download and install the Tinder app again.
  • ‘Log-In’ to the app with your Facebook account. You can see the changes you have done on Facebook reflects on Tinder.


You can easily change your age on Tinder from any device you are comfortable with. However, make sure to update the changes first on Facebook.

How do I fix my age on tinder?

Tap Edit Profile. Then, on the Birthday section, tap the edit button. Now, choose the new or correct age you want to set. Once done, you won’t see your new age on Tinder yet.

How do I change my age on tinder 2021?

The only way to change your date of birth on Tinder is if it has been linked to your Facebook. There is no other way around this but to delete your account. If you have registered on Tinder via your email or mobile number, then you can’t change your date of birth.

Why can’t you change your age on tinder?

Your name and age are the only pieces of your profile you can’t change after creating an account. If you need to update one or both, you do have the option to delete your account and start over.

Can you choose age on tinder?

Age range. To sign up for Tinder, users must be 18 years or older. You can adjust your age range preferences using the sliding scale in the app’s settings.

Is 50 too old for tinder?

But for many people over 50 Tinder has become a more traditional way to meet and connect. While Tinder is used by people of all ages and many users will be younger, the app allows users to set an age range to help focus searches.

Why is tinder showing me guys outside my age range?

If you’re seeing profiles that are very outside of your age range, please double-check your Discovery settings: tap the profile icon > Settings > scroll to Discovery> see Age Range.

Are Tinder likes fake?

So, when you see 99+ likes it’s a ploy to get you to pay for gold, but it isn’t fake, it’s just dishonest, cause among those 99+ there will be a lot of fives or lower that wouldn’t get shown to you otherwise, and that you aren’t likely to find attractive anyway.

Can you fake distance on tinder?

If you have an Android device, you can install a free app and turn on the Developer Mode to fake GPS for Tinder. Find “simulated locations” or “allow mock locations” option and switch it on for the fake GPS app you have installed.

Why does tinder say there’s no one new?

If you‘ve used Tinder before, you‘ve inevitably come across the “there’s no one new around you” message at some point or another. Basically, it’s the “end of the line” until a new person inside your chosen age groups enters the Search Distance that you have set.

What to do when Tinder says no one new around you?

Tinder: There’s no one new around you.
  1. Widen your Search Distance and Age Group. Changing your search settings is the most obvious course of action to take.
  2. Reduce your Search Distance. Sounds ridiculous, right?
  3. Reduce your Age Group range. Again – it sounds a bit stupid.
  4. Log out and log back in again.
  5. Restart your Tinder account.

Does tinder run out of matches?

Running Out Of Matches On Tinder

If there are no users, Tinder becomes a poor experience for the user. However, if you do too much swiping, there may be a point where you will run out of people on Tinder.

Why is tinder not showing matches?

Using Tinder requires a strong internet connection and lack of one may be the reason why your matches are not loading. Try switching off your WiFi and turning it back on again to see if your connection is faulty. If you try this and it still doesn’t work, you should consider switching to cellular data.

How do you know if you’re Shadowbanned on tinder?

How to tell if youre shadowbanned?
  1. Youre getting a lower quality and quantity of matches.
  2. Youre getting no response on the messages.
  3. You have got a warning on behalf of your behavior.
  4. Registering a new account with your old phone number & Facebook profile.
  5. Tinder Gold users: “Likes you” section is empty.

How do I end a tinder match?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully end a Tinder union.
  1. Click On The Person You Want To Unmatch. Find who you want to unmatch on your page of matches.
  2. Click On The Three Dots In The Upper Right.
  3. Select “Unmatch”
  4. Choose A Reason.
  5. Say Goodbye To Your Match.

How do I log out of tinder?

For Android:
  1. First, open Tinder app.
  2. Second, go to the profile tab.
  3. Now select Settings.
  4. Then, go all the way down and choose Logout.
  5. In the last step, press the option to remember the account on your device.
  6. Excellent! You have just signed out of the Tinder app.

What happens if u log out of tinder?

Logging out does not mean your profile disappears from Tinder. Tap Delete Account. This action should take you to a Deactivate screen that will ask you whether you want to pause or delete your account.

How do I logout of tinder on another device?

Under settings on your Facebook account there is a security and login section showing where your logged in. You should be able to log out on a particular device from there. I’m not stone cold sure this will do it for tinder but if it doesn’t tinder itself should have a similar feature.

How do I sign out of tinder on laptop?

To logout of the account, all you need to do is click on the button that says ”My Profile”, scroll to the bottom and press ”logout”. The same way you would do it on your phone.