1. In iOS Without a Computer

  • Locate the “Settings” application on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • In the settings menu, tap on the “General.” It’s located above the “Display & Brightness.
  • Locate the “About” option located above the “Software Update” under the “General” heading and tap on it.
  • Having done that, go ahead and tap on the “Name” tab located in the “About” section.
  • Next to the current name of your iPhone, tap on the “X” button to remove the name.
  • Type in your preferred new name for the iPhone device in the field provided.
  • After that, tap on the blue “Done” button on the on-screen keyboard when through with typing the favorite name. Doing that will change your iPhone name in the iOS. You can now tap on the back arrow located on the upper-left corner or return to the home screen and continue using your iPhone under the new name.

TIP: Even though these steps are specific to the iPhone in this article, they can be useful in changing the name in the iPad and iPod touch as well. I f you’d wish to customize your device name in iPad and iPod, use the steps highlighted to set a new name for your device.

  1. Using iTunes on Mac & PC Computer

  • To start, connect your iPhone to a computer. Use the computer that is synced with your iPhone. Doing so prompts iTunes to open automatically. If that doesn’t happen, open the iTunes manually.
  • Click the icon resembling your iPhone located on the upper-left corner to get to your iPhone’s management screen.
  • Locate the name of your iPhone at the top-left of the sidebar. Having done that, click on the name of your iPhone once.
  • After that, type your preferred iPhone name in the provided field.
  • Click on the “Return” button. This will prompt iTunes to re-sync the phone automatically and save your iPhone’s new name. Note that this process also applies when you want to change the name in the iPad and iPod touch.

TIP: This process is also applicable if you want to change your iPhone’s name on Airdrop.

  1. For Personal Hot Spot

  • From your iPhone’s home screen, ap on the “ Settings” app icon to open it.
  • After that, tap on the “General” and then go ahead and tap on the “About” option.

Finally, tap on the “Name” and set a new name for your hotspot.

What happens if I change the name of my iPhone?

When you change the device’s name, the update happens pretty much instantly. You can immediately see the new name on iCloud, for example, and you’ll never run into a problem in which an app or device gets confused looking for the old name. And you can change the name as often as you like.

Why is my iPhone under a different name?

If the iOS network settings are ever reset, the phone’s name is changed to “‌iPhone‌,” making it harder to identify amongst a list of surrounding devices. Or maybe the handset you’re using still has the name of the previous owner.

How do I change my device name?

Change your Android phone name

All you have to do is open Settings. Look for About Phone, and select Edit. You can then enter a new name for your phone and confirm it by selecting Done.

How do I change the name of my phone in iCloud?

Change the Name on the Device

Open Settings and select General. Choose About and then tap Name. Enter the new name you want to use and tap Done on the keyboard.

Can I rename my Apple ID?

You can change your Apple ID Name at My Apple ID. Click on Manage your Apple ID and sign in with your Apple ID name and password. Click Edit and enter the new information, then click Save Changes. Changes take effect immediately.

Can you change iPhone Bluetooth name?

If you‘d like to change your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth name, you‘ll need to change the device’s name in Settings. This is the same name that other devices will see if they’re trying to connect via Bluetooth. To change it, tap “Name.” On the Name screen, enter a new name for your iPhone or iPad, then tap “Done.”