Marriage brings lots of change in a woman’s life and one of the major change is their name.

Wife acquires the name of their husband after marriageSimilarly, divorce brings lots of changesAfter the divorce, one has to follow the legal process to retain her old nameHere is the legal process to change your name after the divorce.

  1. Start the Process Right from Taking Divorce

Once you take divorce, you do not retail your name what was there before marriage. You will have to follow the legal process to get back your name. So, it is better to start this process right from the point you have filed a divorce case in the court. In most of the countries, the family court allows a person seeking divorce to change their name before finalization of the divorce. This process is simple and more or less the same in every country around the World.

  1. Submit Name Change Form Along with Divorce Petition

In most states, a person seeking a divorce can fill a name change form to resume its previous name just after the divorce. Name of this form varies from state to state, you can check this form at the clerk’s office. Once you get this form, fill it with correct details. If you face any trouble in filling this form you can take the help of the court clerk. Take the form for a divorce hearing. The benefit of applying for a name change during the divorce process is that once you get divorced, you become eligible to change your name.

  1. Check Your State Requirement

After getting approval from the Court to change your name, it is the time to fulfill your state requirement for changing names. Different states have different conditions for changing the name and one has to follow the process. If you have not applied for a name change during your divorce hearing, then you will have to follow a different process. You will have to visit the Court’s website and find information about changing names. If you have applied for a name change later, then you will have to again file a petition in the Court and go for hearing. Usually, it does not take much time to get the name change, when you are have applied just for changing the last name. The Court will give you a name change order, which you have to use to retain your old name.

  1. Advertise for Your Name Change

Some states have a rule that a person has to advertise its changed name in the popular newspaper of that state and show it to the Court for approval. The name is formally changed after that. Every state has certain conditions for publishing name in the Newspaper, thus it is better that applicants check those conditions. After receiving an order from the Court, the applicant can then start changing name in the different document he holds like security card, passport, address proof, and many such documents.

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