A Chromebook runs on Google’s Chrome OS.

It is designed to be used when connected to the internet or Wi-Fi connection, as most applications and documents on a Chromebook lives on the cloudYou can change the password on Chromebook using the following steps.

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Change Password on Chromebook HP

You all know that your Chromebook password and your Google password are the same. You can change your password at a time and use the new password to access all your Google-connected devices.

  • Launch Chrome on your device. Click on your profile photo that appears on the top right corner of your screen. Choose a Google account.
  • Select a password. Key in your current password, then tap on ‘Next’. Now, enter your two-factor authentication code on the window.
  • Enter your new password. Confirm your new password by repeating the same. Select change password.

Change Password on Chromebook Lock Screen

If you think your existing lock screen password for your Chromebook is not secured enough, you can change it by following the steps explained below.

  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon on your Chromebook’s home screen. Select ‘Screen Lock’.
  • Enter your current password to access more settings. Select PIN or password and set up the new security code. If you choose a PIN, make sure to set up a PIN of 6 or more digits.
  • If you choose a password, make sure your password strength is good or you meet the criteria for setting up a password.
  • Re-enter your PIN or password to confirm it. Select ‘Change Password’ to bring your new password into effect.

Change Password on Chromebook Asus

You can change your Chromebook password whenever you want to change it and even several times as you wish. Changing the password has no restrictions, but make sure you follow the steps properly to do it.

  • Make sure chrome is launch on your device. Select your profile photo that is displayed on the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Google Account’. A new page will be open; where on the left corner you can see a ‘Security’ option, just click on it.
  • Tap on ‘Password’. Enter your current password, and then click ‘Next’. Finish your two-step verification process.
  • Enter and confirm your new password, then select ‘Change Password’. Now, your password is successfully changed.


Changing the password on Chromebook will be easy if you follow the above-mentioned steps precisely as mentioned.

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