Spotify is a music streaming service, and many times users create nice playlists that can engage the audience for their work.

Here is how you can personalize your cover.

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Change Playlist Cover on Spotify iPhone

When you are an Avid iPhone user, you need the convenience of doing things easily through the device. Why would you want to go to a desktop computer to just change your playlist cover?

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  • There is a workaround that works only on iPhones, and this is to replace the playlist cover with that of some song’s album art.
  • So, find the song that has the album art you wish to have as your playlist cover since that is the only way.
  • Then, tap on the three dots or the ellipsis icon, and expand the menu. This will allow you to add this song to your playlist by tapping on add to playlist.
  • Next, choose the playlist you wish to change the cover of and then add to it. Go to your library, find the playlist and put this song on the top.
  • At last click on done option after changing the position and this will automatically stay as the playlist cover.

Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on Phone

If you would like to know about personalization, here ( is a good article from Spotify support. This tells specifically how you can change your cover if you’d like to.

  • The first thing one must notice is that you will need the desktop app as per their article. The image must always be a .jpeg and no other extensions are supported.
  • Finally, you can use only up to 4MB in size of your playlist picture, so take note of that too. The desktop application for Spotify can be downloaded from their website for free.

Change Spotify Playlist Cover on Chromebook

As it appears, there might be some issues that the community is facing regarding using Chromebooks, the native laptop replacement running Chrome OS.

  • It appears that Spotify now supports a version for download for Chromebooks, and just like the regular desktop app, you can do the same here.
  • Once there, all you need to do is ‘Log-In’ to your account, and do the same, but always on a desktop computer.
  • You need to use a desktop computer to do this step.

Changing the Playlist Cover on Spotify in Your Desktop

The steps on changing the playlist cover on Spotify for Windows and Apple OS are the same.

  • On your PC, open the Spotify app and choose the playlist you intend to change the cover.
  • You will see the playlist cover collage that changes as you edit the playlist. To view the edit button, hover over the playlist image. Click on it.
  • You will then have the option to change the name and description of the Playlist.
  • The changes will not be seen right away. If you click on the cover image, you will be allowed to choose a photo saved on your PC.
  • In the new pop-up, you will see the Windows file manager displayed.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the three-dot icon located at the cover image to choose the Replace image option.
  • Pick your preferred photo as a Spotify cover and save. This will show up when you open Spotify on all your gadget.


Always use the desktop version of the Spotify app for changing the playlist cover easily.

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