The New Twitter version comes with many upgrades that give a better user experience compared to the old design.

With the upgraded version, you can change your Twitter color, background, and fontsIf you wish to change your Twitter color, font, or background, the following steps come in handy.

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Launch your desktop browser And navigate to 

Sign in to Twitter, if not yet. By doing that, you will get to your account homepage.

After that, scroll through the menu on the left-hand side and click on the three-dotted menu for “More.”

In the new menu that opens, scroll to the bottom and then click on the “Display” option located just above the “Log out.” By doing so, a box displaying customizable options will appear. It’s titled “Customize your view.

With that done, choose your favorite color, fonts, and background.

  • Fonts: From the box, you’ll realize that you now have four fonts for formatting your writings: From small to large. You can choose the one you prefer most according to your viewing needs.

To change your fond, click on a circle next to your choice. The new fond will reflect in your tweets, trends, and settings.

  • Color options: Besides the fonts, you’ll also notice the existence of new color options. From the options, you can change your color from blue (Default color) to several others such as Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, or Green.

When you choose a new color, it will show in the home, links, tweets, as well as in the “Follow” buttons. However, you can also choose to retain the blue (default) Twitter color if you’re not impressed with the new hues.

Note: You can change your Twitter color anytime you wish to and as many times as you can without any restriction or penalty.

Tip: After choosing your preferred twitter color, you can blend it with a suitable background to give an impressive display. For instance, some people prefer using orange color with a dark background color.

  • Background: Unlike in the old design, the new model provides three background options. From the options, you can select Dim, Lights out, or retain the “Default” background.

The Dim background turns your Twitter background grey. This can be great for people who are highly sensitive to bright lights. If you’re straining to use Twitter with a white background, then this feature might impress you since it turns your background grey.  

Apart from the “Dim” background, you can also use the Lights out option. This will turn your background black. It’s also referred to as the night mode or dark mode.

The “Dark Mode” is not only cool but also saves on battery. As such, you can use it with your mobile phone for an extended period compared to the Default white Twitter background.

Sounds great? Well, it’s now your turn to make it work for you.

Note: To change your twitter color on mobile, navigate to using your mobile and then change your browser view into a desktop version. When done with that, follow the procedure above to change Twitter color on mobile without a hassle.

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