There are multiple ways that you can check the overall health of your iPhone battery. It is important to do this so that you will know whether or not to replace it soon. Some of these methods for checking your battery health are more convenient than others, while some are more comprehensive.

  1. Go into the Settings on your iPhone

The first method of checking your iPhone’s battery health is by simply going into the Settings app, selecting the “Battery” option, and then tapping “Battery Health”. When this screen comes up, you will be presented with Peak Performance Capability and Maximum Capacity. If you can’t seem to find this setting on your phone, you probably aren’t using iOS 11.3 or later, or you do not have an iPhone.

  1. Use the Console App

You also have the option of using the Console app, which comes with all Macs. When you open up Console, you just have to connect your iPhone to your computer with the Lightning cable. Enter “batteryhealth” in the empty search field. You will get a lot of great detailed information about the health of your phone’s battery.

  1. Download CoconutBattery

The application Coconut Battery doesn’t come with iPhones or Mac computers, but it can be useful at giving you information on the health of your phone’s battery. You will need to follow some similar steps as above. Connect your phone to your computer with the Lightning cable and open up the program.

  1. Contact Apple Support

There is a good chance that an Apple support representative can help you with finding out what the health of your iPhone battery is like. You can take advantage of their online support to get the help you need right away.


  • Be careful about using third-party apps to check your iPhone’s battery health. Some of these apps can be ineffective or even malicious.