Most people usually concentrate on the exterior of the car when cleaning. The interior is neglected but it is the part that needs a lot of work. It can be time consuming and you have to make sure that you clean it when you do not have any other commitments. Here are some of the ways you can use to clean your car’s interior.

  1. Clear rubbish – The first thing that you have to do is clear rubbish. Remove any papers or tins that were left in the car. Rubbish can easily accumulate especially when you eat in your car and you do not throw them away.

  1. Clean the dashboard – The next thing you have to clean is the dashboard. It can easily collect dirt and dust. Make sure that you use the right product in cleaning. When cleaning your dashboard, it is advisable that you clean from the top to the bottom. Always use a soft cloth to clean the dashboard.

  1. Clean the windows – After the dashboard, you should proceed with cleaning the windows. The windows can get dirty because of the fingerprints, dirt or dust. These fingerprints can reduce the visibility. Use a a soft cloth to remove the dirt. Spray the liquid solution on the towel and wipe the window in a circular motion. Make sure that no marks remain in the glass.

  1. Clean the seat and doors – The seats also get dirty and require through cleaning. Use the appropriate product to remove the odours from the seats. You can use a brush to remove stubborn dirt. If you have leather seats, then you should use material that will prevent the wear and tear. Using a cleaner and conditioner will give your leather seats the perfect finish. For fabric seats use upholstery cleaner with a stiff brush.

  1. Clean the carpets – The carpets collect a lot of dirt and if not cleaned regularly can bring health issues such as asthma or flu. An easier way to clean your carpet is to use a vacuum. The household vacuum will do the job just fine. The vacuum will suck up all the dirt leaving your carpets clean.

  1. Clean the floor mats – The floor mats should be last thing you clean. You have to remove them from the car to clean them. Use a floor mat cleaner and a brush. Gently scrub your floor mat to remove dirt. Once you are done leave the floor mats to dry in the sun.


  • The interior is sensitive and needs you to be careful when cleaning it. Take caution when you are using cleaning agents, there are some that can react with the seat material. You should also avoid scrubbing the seats too hard because it can get torn.