Dirt or dust has a way of creeping in everywhere, whether it is in your fabric or the little fixtures in your favorite electronic device. One often finds themselves in peril when faced with dust and dirt in the corners or inside the devices and how to clean the same without damaging it.

Following are the ways to clean and prevent a DVD Player:

  1. Cleaning the Dust

Electronic devices have the property of being a dust-magnet and no matter how much you cover them up, or try to keep them safe, dust somehow beats you every time. This is the most common problem with DVDs and here are a few ways to deal with it.

  • A soft microfiber cloth held with firm hands can help you get rid of all the dust that has accumulated on the top of your device and around it. Before you commence cleaning, it is advised that you undertake this step as sometimes, doing this is all you need.
  • Apart from the surface, vents are the most dust inflicted area and are not easy to reach with a microfiber cloth. It is advised for this you use a can of compressed air or blow dryer on cool to blow away the dust. You can also try vacuuming the same.
  1. Cleaning the Sticky Stains

If accidentally you or somebody, possibly your little toddler has dropped something sticky like glue or syrup on the disc or the DVD player, it is advised that the same must be cleaned before it hardens or does some permanent damage.

  • Alcohol is another substance that helps in cleaning. A microfiber cloth is advised as it doesn’t leave its fibers behind and when you encounter any stain that the cloth itself cannot deal with, try rubbing the same with a bit of alcohol.
  • Do not use water while cleaning a DVD player as it is corrosive in nature and might step in. Alcohol shall be used in place as it evaporates readily and doesn’t corrode the metal surface, nor does it have the risk of seeping in.
  • When you fell that the sticky substance has reached a place where it is not possible for you to reach with cloth and alcohol, use a vacuum cleaner of low power as it would revert back the sticky substance and would not let is spread any further.
  • Be extremely careful about shutting the DVD down completely after cleaning, so that it doesn’t become a dust magnet.
  1. Cleaning the Important Parts of the DVD Player

A DVD is not just a metal case where dust accumulates on the surface and in the vents are cloth and blow dryer always do the work. A lot of times it is the internal parts that are damaged and require special cleaning with specific methods, so as to get the player aptly functioning again.

  • The cleaning CD is personally preferred by a lot of people for its easy and convenient usage technique. All you have to do is take the cleaning CD, which is already equipped with microfiber brushes, put is in the disc socket and run. This cleaner CD cleans the lens nicely and is advised that you run this every fortnight.
  • Compressed air canisters are another great option for cleaning the insides of DVD players.
  • Unscrew the player top, lay it on a plain surface and then blow away the dust with the help of compressed air cans, especially targeting the nooks and corners. Blow dryer (with settings on cool) and low power vacuum cleaners can also be used.
  • If in the dire case when both the cleaning CD and blowing equipment are unavailable, then you can also clean it by hand, but it is always advised against off.
  • Do not touch the lens with bare hands, rather take a cotton ball or a swab and use it dipped slightly in alcohol to clean the lens. As soon as it is done, run some disc to see if the player is still functional.
  • Make sure you do not use any tough stain remover to clean the lens, as anything stronger than a mild soap with stain your player.
  1. Cleaning the Discs

DVDs or CDs are an integral part of a movie experience as the player itself and if the disc isn’t in the proper condition, even the best players would be unable to play it. The following are ways to keep your discs scratch-proof and in functioning conditions.

  • If there are strong scratches, the disc is as good as gone. But if there are light scratches, hold it against the light and then clean it.
  • Use a soft cloth and with furniture or automobile wax or polish, wipe it, as the clear wax fills up the scratches.
  • Usually, the cases of CDs and DVDs are made of vinyl and over time start to leak. Try cleaning the same with a mild detergent, but do not scratch.
  • If the mild detergent doesn’t remove the stickiness, try using oil-based products like cooking oil or baby oil, peanut butter, etc. to rid away from the stickiness.
  1. Maintenance and Precautions

The DVD player like any other thing needs to be maintained and there are some things that need to be taken care of for longevity of the same.

  • Different kinds of DVD players need different kinds of cleaning. For example, a touch-screen DVD cannot be cleaned the same way a traditional- buttoned player can be. It is advised that you read the user manual carefully to understand the mechanisms and cleaning tricks specific to your device.
  • If your player is still in its warranty period, it is advised that you take it to the company outlet in case of any difficulty, because if you screw open the top of the player once, it immediately nullifies the warranty of the device.
  • In case your player is old and out-dated, it is possible that certain parts aren’t available to be replaced anymore. With so many affordable choices available, it is advised that you upgrade as using a bad device risks other devices in connection to it, and might result in aggravated damage.
  • Cleaning your devices is good, but frequent obsessive cleaning does more harm than good and is a thing to be kept in mind.
  1. Use Hair Dryer but with Caution

One important thing to remember that hair dryers or vacuum cleaners of any kind can be used for thorough cleaning of the insides, but they are not safe.

  • This is because of the chapter in high-school physics on static electricity. Both of these devices produce a fair amount of it, and even if there is less risk if you are doing it carefully, there is no reason to risk damaging the interior.
  • Thus, use the alternative compressed-air canisters as always. They are also cheaper, free of static charge and can be found at any electronics store.
  1. Take Professional Advice

Cleaning the lens is very tricky, so do not risk it all if you are not a professional. A slight amount of rubbing alcohol is more than enough to clean the lens.

  • Do remember not to use any solvents in the excitement of cleaning it more thoroughly. Many do this without knowing the consequences. Even if it might seem reasonable, this will stain your DVD player badly.
  • Even anything other than a mild soap solution can be a problem. So, simply avoid any such things after all. And, never ever touch any of it with your fingers, no matter how clean or dry they appear to you.


  • Make sure that the DVD player is unplugged before getting on with the cleaning process, as not doing the same might lead to electric shocks.
  • Do not lay the player on a rough surface while cleaning; make sure it is on a cloth, or your lap so as to reduce the chances of scratches.
  • Do not use grainy cleaners or hard cloth. Also, let the cleaning liquid dry off completely before assembling the DVD back into its place.

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