If you want to completely clear your iTunes library and start over, there are a couple of different ways you can do it. These methods are simple and don’t take much time at all. You can do this within a matter of minutes by following the instructions in this article.

  1. Delete iTunes Library

  • Exit out of iTunes completely on your Mac computer. Select the Finder icon on the dock at the bottom of your desktop.
  • Select the “Go” option in the Finder menu and select “Home” open up a Finder window displaying the home directory for your computer.
  • Double click on the “Music” option and double click “iTunes”. The iTunes folder will then open up.
  • Select the “iTunes Library.itl” file and drag it into the trashcan icon on your dock. Hold the Ctrl button while selecting the file and choose the “Move to Trash” option from the menu that appears. Do the same thing for the ‘iTunes Music Library.xml” file.
  • Hold down on the Ctrl button and click the trashcan icon on the dock to completely empty out the trash. This will delete all of your iTunes library files. The audio files themselves will still be on your hard drive.
  • Start iTunes back up. When you do this, the software will instantly make a new iTunes library file. You will be able to begin adding files to iTunes again.
  1. Delete your Audio Files

If you want to delete the actual audio files on your computer, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Select the library that you want to delete in iTunes. This could be “Music”, “Books”, or “Podcasts.”
  • Select the “Edit” option in the iTunes menu. Then you will need to choose “Select All”.
  • Click the “Edit” option and then “Delete”. Press Option-Delete. You will see a new box appear on the screen asking you to confirm your action. Click the “Confirm” button to remove all of the audio files from your iTunes library completely.
  • Select the “Remove” option. You will see another box come up that asks you if you want to move the audio files you have selected into the trash.
  • Select the “Move to Trash” option. You will then need to hold Ctrl and click the trashcan icon on the main dock to empty the trash. All of your songs are now removed from your computer.

How do I reset my Apple music library?

Question: Q: Reset iCloud Music Library
  1. disabling iCloud Music Library on every device.
  2. logon to iTunes>account>see my account.
  3. authenticate yourself.
  4. scroll down and select “reset” iCloud Music Library.
  5. confirm your selection with the pop-up.
  6. done.

How do I clear my iTunes library on Mac?

Mac users hold “Command” and press “A“. All songs in the list will be selected. Press the “Delete” key. Select the “Delete Items” button to confirm your selection.

How do I delete my entire Apple music library and start over?

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Step 2: Click on theLibrary‘ tab on the bottom bar. Step 3: Now click on Albums, Artists, Playlists, or Songs from the list. Step 4: Long-press on the item (album, artist, playlist, or song) you want to delete, and a pop-up menu appears.

Does Apple Music delete your library?

Apple Music does not. If you stop paying for any paid service, it isn’t unreasonable of them to delete your information.

How do you delete multiple songs on iTunes?

Yup, you can swipe the tracks, albums, or artists to delete them, like spidertaker said. That works great. Another thing you can do, if you want to delete ALL of your downloaded music at the same time, is go to Settings > General > Usage on your iPhone, and select “Music.” Then just press Edit, and delete it.

How do I permanently delete hidden songs from iTunes?

To delete these off your computer, click open Finder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music. There, you will see all of the songs you have downloaded to your computer. Drag the ones you want to delete to the Trash and delete them there.

What happens when you delete a song from iTunes library?

When you remove songs from your iTunes library, they‘ll be removed from any devices they‘re synced to next time you sync. When you delete songs directly on your iOS device, they are completely removed. Songs that you‘ve purchased may be hidden when you delete them, and can be unhidden with iTunes.

When you delete a song from iTunes do you get your money back?

Answer: A: No, unless the iTunes Store staff says otherwise, which they will only do for one request per person.

Does deleting music on iPhone delete from iTunes?

When you delete a song from your iPhone, you remove it from all of your devices. However, the song you delete from your iPhone will still be available in your iTunes library or via your iTunes purchases.

How do I remove songs from Apple music but keep in library?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Select tracks you want to remove, right-click, click Remove download. The physical file is removed freeing up space but the cloud link remains in the library so you can stream the track later, it is not removed from your iCloud Music Library.

Can I delete music from my computer and keep it on iTunes?

Delete songs and albums

In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top left, then click Library. Remove the item only from your iTunes library: Click Keep File. Delete the item from your computer: Click Move to Recycle Bin. The item is removed the next time you empty the Recycle Bin.

Why is there a cloud next to my songs in iTunes?

Any grayed out track with a cloud symbol to the left of it in Media Library means that the file is not actually stored on your device, and only iCloud has a copy which only happens with tracks purchased from the iTunes Store or if you have iTunes Match or Apple Music turned on in the Settings of your iPhone, iPad or

How do I download my entire iTunes library?

On your Mac or PC: In iTunes, click Library. Then, from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or the top of the iTunes window, choose View > Only Downloaded Music. Choose View > All Music to see all of your music.

What does the cloud symbol mean in iTunes library?

Question: Q: What does the cloud symbol in itunes mean

If the icon appears on a song, it means that the song is not downloaded. If the icon appears in the top right, it means that iTunes is currently syncing with your iCloud Music Library, or has failed to sync.

Why is there a cloud next to my files Mac?

The grey cloud sync icon next to your files show that they are currently “Online only” using smart sync, so they are not taking space on your computer.

Why is there a cloud next to my files?

The blue cloud icon means the file is saved in cloud and does not exist on your local(For more information: What do the OneDrive icons mean? ). If you edit it in Office desktop Apps before, the status should change to Green Tick icons as you can only edit it locally after it becomes “Local available”.