Pocket knives are the best to serve us when you are in need. Many knives come in different styles and varieties. Certainly, this short companion can hide in your pockets and can be taken when you are in need.

How to Close a Pocket Knife Gerber?

  • Upon pressing the silver symbol, the knife opens. Moreover, it is always best to keep the knife away from the body to avoid cutting.
  • Push the knife inward so that it doesn’t protrude out of the slot. Also, make sure to press a little harder to make the knife remain intact in the ditch.

How to Close a Lock Back Knife?

  • Certainly, the most common locking mechanism that exists in a lock back knife works with the aid of a liner. The tangs, when pressed on diagonally, will make the knife slip into the slot.
  • For releasing the lock, all you need to do is push the lever to disengage the knife from the slot.

How to Close a Buck Knife?

  • The texture of the buck knife is backed with excellent titanium coating. Also, to release the sharp end, use the protrusion.
  • For closing, make use of the inner plate. Moreover, push the metal plate down and slip the knife into the slot.

How to Close a Smith Wesson Pocket Knife?

  • It’s quite tricky to deal with Smith and Wesson’s pocket knife. All you need is to fetch the knives liner lock and press back the knife into the slot.
  • This safety lock will avoid accidental injuries that happen when your fingers got in between the knife.

How to Close a Coast Pocket Knife?

The liner lock will help to open the blade. On the other hand, the safety action will make the knife switch back to the slot automatically.

How to Close a Switchblade?

The flexible metal blade, when pushed to the side, will make the knife slip into the slot. Certainly, for opening, all you need to do is check the spine for releasing the lock.

How to Close a Workpro Knife?

The easy release button of the blade will help in spitting out the knife promptly from the slot. The liner lock when released will take back the knife without causing any injury.


  • It is always best to go for knives with a better safety mechanism.
  • The prompt slip of function will avoid any injuries while using the knife for daily use.