Netflix continues to be endeared by its users due to the fact that they offer a good streaming service coupled with a strong customer focus.

At times, you may face some issues with your Netflix account and in such a situation; you can reach out to the Netflix team which is always ready to help you out.

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Help Center

To aid its customers in solving their issues without having to invest too much time in calling the customer support, Netflix ( has set up a dedicated help center. You can access this help center anytime from any internet connected device.

  • The help center serves as a self-help corner where there are a host of frequently asked questions that can be browsed through.
  • The help center allows you to search for questions related to ‘Billing’, ‘Watching’, ‘Managing your Account’ and other issues.
  • The help center allows provides a host of quick links which can be accessed and used to perform basic functions like changing your password or updating your email.
  • Through the help center, you can even choose to start a live chat with Netflix or call Netflix in case you are unable to find a solution to your problem.
  • To further provide better customer experience, Netflix takes feedback from customers regarding whether or not they found the listed information helpful.

Social Media Accounts

Netflix maintains its social media accounts rapidly. In case your problem is really something unique and you are unable to get any support from them over chat or call, you can opt for reaching out to them through this mode.

  • Netflix maintains the main Twitter account which you can tweet to in case you need any help.
  • Netflix also maintains country-specific Twitter handles which can be tweeted to in case you need to reach out them.
  • Tweeting to country-specific handles is more likely to elicit a response from their side.
  • Netflix also maintains handles on other platforms like Facebook but the chances of them responding to you on other platforms are lower unless you message them.

Contact Netflix Using the Mobile App

Netflix has a popular mobile app that is used by a lot of people to access the website through their phones. You can contact Netflix through the mobile app as well.

  • Tap on the ‘Red’ and ‘Black’ Netflix icon to open the app and then look for the 3 bars in the bottom right side of the screen.
  • The three bars represent the ‘More’ option so click on that and from the menu that opens select ‘Help’.
  • It will lead you to a page titled ‘Find Help Online’ from where you can change your payment methods, your password and even access the help center.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a call button which can be used to directly get in touch with a customer care executive of Netflix.


  • Try to go through the help center first to determine if your problem is already listed. If it’s not, then you can proceed to contact them further but if it is, then follow the instructions given.

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Ensure that you call or live chat with Netflix first before trying to reach out to their social media handles as you are more likely to get your problems solved by their customer service.

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