Portable Document Format is the full form of PDF. It is a file that can capture all the elements of a hard copy or printed document as an image on an electronic device. It was developed in the 1990s by the Adobe. The filename extension used for PDF file is .pdf. It was released on the 25th of June 1993.  

Let us look at the steps of converting the PDF file into Google Doc:

  1. Search ‘Google Doc’ Online on Your Computer

Google Doc is one of the best Word processors which come as a part of free web-based software which is offered by Google. It comes within the Google drive. The services offered by Google include Google Slides and Google Sheets.

  • Open the page and log in on it. It will work on the desktop only. Google Doc can convert various formats into the Docs format. It cannot convert every file but the following formats can be converted: .doc, .html. docx, .dot, .dotx, .plain text (.txt), .odt. rdf.
  • We have countless option to convert PDF file into Google Doc but they are paid. It is always a great feeling to have free service. Google brings you the relief of letting you convert the PDF file into Doc format for free.
  • If you are looking for a way to retain the format and its serving as a PDF editor, then Google doc is the best option with free service. You can convert and edit the file from any browser or operating system because the Google doc is compatible with every type of browser and Operating system.
  • Whether it is converted on Linux or Mac OS X or Windows, the result will be same every time with no compromise in quality.
  1. Upload the File

You will find the red button with ‘upward’ arrow, click on it. It is the option to upload the PDF file. It is a new version of the page, before it; there was a button ‘Create’ button for it.

  • Now, you have to choose the ‘File’ menu in the Google Docs. Then, select the PDF file you need to convert into Doc file.
  • Now, the list of different boxes will appear under the ‘Upload settings’ and you need to check all of them. Convert the files to the Google Docs and this will also appear in the list, click on it.
  • The file will open in Google Docs, now, click on the ‘File’ menu on the page that is in front of you. The list will appear and now choose ‘Download as’. In the next step choose ‘Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc)’, this will convert the original PDF file into the doc file.
  • You will get your converted PDF file as a new Doc file in the location where your download files get saved. Now, you can add or delete the content from the file as per your needs. The file is now editable and its original essence is still within it. You can change the font, layout, or image, anything; you can edit anything on the file without any restriction.

There are a few points you can take care of while converting to get a better result:

  1. If Your File Contains Image then it Should be at Least 10 Pixels High, the Text in Your File should be Same

The alignment of the text in your file should be right side up. If they are not, then rotate them then go for it.

  • The result would be better if your file is in common fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.
  • The images in your file should be sharp and evenly lightened up with strong contrast because if they are blur or dark then you won’t get the result you need.
  • The size of your image can be at most 2 MB.


There is the limit for the size and length of the file that needs to be converted. The characters of files can be up to 1.02 million at most. The size of the file can be 50 MB which needs to be converted. The image must be smaller than 50 MB or equal to 50 MB and they should be in .jpg, .png or non-animated GIF format.