Just as how converting PDF to Word is necessary, doing the opposite is also required in some cases. PDF’s are the most convenient ways of viewing files, but you cannot make changes in the PDF file. Let us have a look at different methods which you can employ to convert PDF to Word on your Mac system.

  1. Using an Online Converter

For instance, you have received a file from the client and you want to make it editable, then you will need to convert it first to the word and then edit it in the processor there.  There are multiple ways to convert PDF to Word which works for both offline and online use – cases, and the most convenient being online of course.

  • This is the easiest step and that is why it has been put first on this list. You simply need to type, ‘convert PDF to word’ on your system and a list of options will appear in front of you and they are basically the different websites. You can select any one of the top three because they are almost sure to function completely well.
  • Select the PDF file that you want to have it converted to Word. Some websites will ask you for choosing the output format; make sure that you enter ‘Word’ in the same.
  • Following this, you can click the destination folder and file for the file to get downloaded to after the conversion. Next, you simply need to click on ‘Convert’ and process of conversation depending on the speed of the Internet connection on your device.
  1. Using the Google Docs

This is more of a trick way to convert a PDF file to Google Docs but this is easy and it nonetheless works, that is why it finds the place on this list. For this method, you will need to have a Google account and of course, you will need to know the credentials for the same.

  • Open the Google Account website and enter the credentials associated with your account.
  • Go to the Google Drive account associated with your Gmail account. Open the PDF file that you want to have converted to your word.
  • You can then move the cursor over the top – bar window and from there, you can click on Download As – Word Document. That will download the same PDF file as the Word document which you can later edit and use it for your own purposes.
  1. Using the Copy – Paste Technique

This could be the most insane technique in this list because not many people will think of this, although they might have known that it is possible.

  • You can open the PDF which you want to have converted and press on Select All option on your MAC laptop. That will select all the text on your PDF file and following this; you can open the MS Word file on your system and paste the same text.
  • Note that you will need to take care of the formatting in this case and if it contains too much formatting, then it might get distorted.


  • Ensure that you choose the best option of the lot that will download the PDF file with the least space and highest speed of download. It is because; this form of conversion is almost always independent of the operating system on which the system is being run.  

At the same time, the process happens so much quicker and easier although that can vary slightly with the speed of the Internet connection that you have got.