There are various things which can provoke a coughing attack.

This includes:

  • asthma,
  • respiratory infections,
  • sinus-related post-natal drip,
  • smoking, etc.

Coughing is actually a protective reflex that clears your airway of irritating and harmful substances. However, coughing tends to run amok at the time. A prolonged attack might disrupt your regular activities and also hinder your peaceful sleep.

Here are useful ways to keep coughing attack:

  1. Hot Liquids

When you have a cough attack, you tend to look for a glass of water to drink. Rather than drinking a cold glass of water, you need to drink a hot glass of water. This is pretty effective when it comes to stopping a coughing attack. Hot beverages like tea with some honey and lemon work wonder. This is because tea has a natural soothing capability. Honey, on the other hand, coats your throat and keeps you from coughing. You can also have hot milk to treat coughing attack. Have it with honey when you suffer from cold and cough.

  1. Moist and Warm Air

This might not be the quickest way to stop your cough attack but breathing moist and warm air can prove to be useful. Dry and cold air stimulates coughing. Warm and moist air suppresses the cough reflex.

You can take a hot bath if you are home. Breath hot water from the basin as this works faster. However, make sure that you do not breathe steam which is coming oddly from hot boiling water as this tends to burn the airways.

  1. Avoid Smoky Setting

The air always has particulates floating in it, especially in smoky rooms. Thus, you should avoid such places. These might have an adverse effect on your throat. In fact, the airborne irritants might have an effect on the lungs and you will have a problem in breathing.

  1. Cough Drop

  • Lozenges and cough drop are a popular remedy when it comes to stopping the cough. Like other cough remedies, this too relieves your airway and keeps you from coughing. Many people have found these to be useful.
  • The act of repeated swallowing of cough drops temporarily disrupts coughing reflex.
  • Lozenges and drops have menthol that can have a soothing effect on the lining tissue of the airway as it generates a cooling sensation. Hence, it will reduce your urge to cough.
  1. Breath

Try breathing slowly through the nostrils for alleviating your sudden spasm. The technique is known to work when the drink or food goes down a wrong pipe. It results in spasm since it is your body trying to get rid of the material from the lungs or the airways. In case the coughing continues then you should try to hold your breath as long as you can.

As you exhale, you will see that the attack has lessened or stopped. Brief breathing and then holding your breath can regulate cough reflex to some extent.

In we always recommend see a doctor if the pain persist.

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