Scars happen, and often there is no way around it. Sometimes it is because of injury, other times from acne, surgery or something else. In an ideal world, allowing it to heal naturally is how you deal with it. However, this is far from a perfect world and because of that most people always look for ways to disguise them.

To that end, we consulted a few experts and made this super practical tips on how to cover scars.

  1. Scars 101

If it is a flat scar, less than 24 months old, it can easily diminish on its own. To be certain that it will, you will need to keep in mind two super important things.

  • First and most important of all, make sure that is not exposed to the sun. You can do that either with clothing or sunscreen featuring a broad spectrum.
  • The second thing is to treat it with a product that got skin-healing ingredients featuring vitamin C, petrolatum, and quercetin.

Scars of 24 months and older are a bit more challenging to treat. In some cases, there is no way to diminish it without a cosmetic intervention of a dermatologist. The thing is that soon after a wound, the skin immediately starts repairing itself. However, the process can easily take up to two years. Because of that, it is essential to take immediate steps to diminish the scar.

The general rule is the sooner, the better.

  1. How not to make things even worse?

Before we go into the art of dealing with scars, we need to learn a thing or two about how not to make things worse, which is to prolong the healing instead of speeding it up.

  • Constant exposure to the sun can do the greatest damage. Not only it destroys skin, but it will have a negative effect on the immune system which in fact will significantly prolong the healing process.
  • Applying products with irritating ingredients such as bar soaps can also have a counter effect on the healing process. Even those with a natural origin that contain eucalyptus or lavender can impact skin’s self-healing properties.
  • Keeping the scar submerged under water over longer periods and long hot baths won’t help the healing process, but the opposite of it. The prolonged exposure can weaken the barrier which slows down the healing process.
  1. How to turbocharge the healing process while significantly reducing the visibility of your scar?

Using skin care products to cover scars has proven to be effective. But if you want to supercharge their effectiveness make sure that you stick to the recommendations given below.

  • Remove dead skin cells

Exfoliating is the process in which you remove old or dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Any skin care product you might want to use will be way more effective if you gently scrub off the dead skin cells before you begin. That way the coverage can absorb much easier, hold way longer and look smoother.

  • Moisture matters

Using a moisturizer is evenly important as exfoliation as it will further soften up the scar tissue. At the same time, it will make the receptive surface smoother and more absorbing.

  • Neutralize the color

Apply a color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel. That way you can cancel or at least neutralize to some extent the other color.

For example, if you have a red scar, use a concealer with a green undertone. That will cancel the red. On the other hand, if you use a lighter concealer, it will only make the scar to turn pink or light red. Violet and yellow cancel each other, and orange and blue each other, same as red and green.

  • Choose a skin care product (consult a dermatologist)

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  • The skin care product is the final touch that needs to have the most impact. In the beginning, we’ve explained what the ideal skin care product should contain.
  • Now which brands are best and how each is applied is something that you need to discuss with your dermatologist as no two scars are same, and each person’s skin is in different condition.
  • An experienced dermatologist will make sure that you use the best product that will have the most profound effect on your scar.

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