A lot of businesses that are on Facebook create polls to allow their customers to interact with them and provide value feedback. It doesn’t take much time or effort to create one of these poll.s In this article will explain how to do this as quickly as possible.

  1. Sign in

First you will have to sign into your Facebook Business page. Enter your credentials and click “Log in”.

  1. Write a Note

Go to the “Write a Post” box and click the three vertical dots beside “Write Note”.

  1. Choose Poll

Select the “Poll” option and type out the question that you want to ask people in the box provided.

  1. Put in Your Answers

Submit the list of answers you want people to be able to choose from with your poll. Choose at least three or four different answers so that participants will have a decent number of options to choose from.

  1. Add Images

You have the option of adding images to your poll if you want. This can make your poll more attractive and increase participation.

  1. Choose Duration

Next you will need to decide how long you want your poll to run for.

  1. Promote

If you want to promote your poll, simply choose the “Promote” option. This will help you get the most number of people to participate.

  1. Post it

Click or tap the “Post” button to launch your poll. You will see it on your Facebook Business page. Make sure that you go over it at least twice before posting it, just to make sure everything is correct.


  • If you want to get the most out of your Facebook Business poll, you should use Facebook Audience Insights. This will provide you with detailed information about the various interests that your followers have. It can help you put together an accurate profile of your target demographic.
  • You should consider using popular culture when crafting your poll questions. It could be something about a hot new TV series, movie, meme, or celebrity. The more relevant your question is to what people are currently interested in, the more people you will get to participate.

When you are selecting a photo to use with your poll, you might want to use a gif. Gifs are very entertaining and will get people’s attention very quickly. Take the time to find a gif that is relevant to the poll you have posted on your page. This is one of the best ways to get a lot of people to take your poll.