The Gmail is the email client offered by Google for free and accounts for the largest ad revenue for the company.

Here is how you create folders inside it.

Create Folders in Gmail App

If you are using one the apps for Android from Play Store or for iOS devices from ‘App Store’, you can do a bunch of stuff here. You can read about this here in an article by Google support.

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  • There are ‘Folders/Labels’ as described by Google for Gmail. These have additional benefits and also behave like traditional folders.
  • But, it also tells that you cannot create ‘Labels’ from the Gmail app, meaning you will have to do it on a computer from the web browser.
  • You can create these ‘Labels’ and then categorize your emails accordingly. In Gmail, ‘Labels’ work better than folders. For example, deleting an email deletes it from all the ‘Labels’.
  • So, you don’t have to go and delete it from all your folders separately, or go and copy and paste them into several Folders one by one. You just select an email and assign the ‘Labels’ you wish to.
  • There is no desktop app, but you will have to use the web browser ( on your Mac and PC, or you can also setup your mail client on your computer.

Create Folders in Gmail on Mac

When you are on the Mac, you have to rely on ‘’ that you can download and use on your device. But, if you wish the Mail app, then you can configure it to use Gmail as your mail client as Apple offers all major clients like ‘Yahoo’, ‘AOL’, iCloud and more.

  • So, most people use their email mail client on Mac, and here the Folders are called ‘Mailboxes’. When you open the mail client, you can find the upper ‘Menu’ tab with ‘Mailbox’ after file, edit, and view.
  • On the left column, you can see a whole bunch of folders, which are mailboxes, and on the main screen which takes all the space; you have your emails, one after another.
  • You go to Mailbox, above, and click on it. Then, you click on ‘New Mailbox’, and then select the ‘Location’. This can be your Gmail account or anywhere on in your iCloud – account or even on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Now, you can just drag and drop messages if you want to into this new ‘Mailbox’ or ‘Folder’.

Create Folders in Gmail Mobile

When using Gmail on mobile using your iOS or Android app, you can create ‘Labels’, but not nested ‘Labels’. Also, you can use the browser-based email, but that will not be efficient.

  • When you ‘Tap and Launch’ your Gmail app, you can see all your email right away in front of you. This is the default screen.
  • On the top-left corner, you will find the ‘Three Horizontal Bar’ icon also called hamburger icon. ‘Tap on it’ to expand and a ‘Drop-Down Menu’ appears.
  • There, you can scroll to find ‘+ Create New’ which means a new ‘Label’. Add a ‘Name’, and tap on ‘Done’.
  • Open any email you wish to move to this new ‘Label’, tap on it, select multiple if you wish to, and then tap on the ‘Three Dots’ (horizontal in iPhone and vertical in Android).
  • Then, tap on ‘Change Labels’, and from the list select the label you just created. Finally, tap on the ‘Tick’ icon to confirm the action.


  • Gmail is the most widely used email service client, and you can find tons of apps and mail clients (desktop apps), and mobile apps.
  • The default website is used the most, because of the obvious advantages it comes with.

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