A mirror reflects the picture of your appearance.

It is one of the most valuable furniture in the roomA well-shaped and decorated mirror can increase the attraction of the roomNot only this, but a good mirror also makes the room look more beautifulHere’s how the mirrors are cut to give shapes.

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1. How to Cut a Mirror on the Wall?

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Mostly in the houses, people fix mirrors in the walls. Sometimes they fix the mirrors with glue so that it stays there permanently. But if you ever need to get the mirror out from there, you need to call a professional person for that work. If you try to do the same, you may break the mirror and it can hurt you also. You can take the mirror out of the wall by cutting the plaster of the wall beside the mirror. After that, you can take it to a mirror cutting shop to take the concrete out of it.

There is another process you can follow. You can use a die grinder with a diamond blade. The diamond blade is very useful to cut the mirror. Now you can cut it with a climbing motion as the blade will rotate on the fixed screw very fast. A little shake of your hand may disrupt the cut of the mirror and damage it. To get a clean-cut, there is no alternative to a professional mirror cutter.

2. How to Cut a Mirror with a Dremel?

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A Dremel is not any kind of special tool to cut a mirror. It is actually a brand name of the tools that we use in cutting the mirrors. Basically, we use rotary tools to cut glasses. They also can cut the woods, plastic materials, and metals. Dremel supplies you with lots of tools that you can use for regular maintenance work. The Dremel rotary tools are very efficient in terms of the output these tools produce. It gives you a rotation speed of 10,000 to 35,000 RPMs. This is why they are able to produce high-quality cuts of the mirrors.

You can use different bits for cutting the glasses. You need to set the needed one to have the perfect cut on your mirror. Now you have to mark the glass. You can put points where you want to cut it. These marks will lead you to the perfect cut of the mirror. Use straight edges as much as possible and clump the glass or the mirror to stop- any kind of movement during the cut. A little movement may spoil the whole effort of your cutting. Now you need to set the Dremel to the power setting of 6 to 8 and start cutting the glass. A 45-degree angle with the plane will expose the glass most to the blade.

3. How to Cut the Mirror without a Glass Cutter?

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If you ever need to cut glass and there is no glass cutter available to do the job, then also there are lots of ways to do it. You can cut the glass with a Carbide Scribe. The process is linked below.

  • A carbide scribe contains tipped and fine tungsten carbide. It is very useful to cut glasses and they produce a very fine cut of the glass.
  • Diamond tipped scribe is a very useful glass cutter and this tool lasts for a considerably long time. The sharpness of these scribes is very useful to cut the glasses.
  • If you are looking for a comparatively cheap option for a glass cutter, then there is an ordinary steel file to accomplish the job.

4. How to Cut a Mirror with Scissors?

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It sounds odd to cut a mirror with a scissor, but some websites claim that it is possible if you can apply some tricks. They show that a mirror or a glass can be cut with a scissor if you put the glass underwater. Though it is possible, still the cut never is as clean as the glass cutter or a diamond blade.

5. How to Cut a Mirror Round?

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When you want to cut a mirror around, you need some of the materials like a protector, a washable glass marker, rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, and so on. Now you need to clean the mirror and draw the circular size you want to cut it into. Now with the glass cutter, score the glass and move the cutter along with the marks. After cutting, sand the edges and get the perfectly round mirror.

6. Cutting a Mirror with an Angle Grinder

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You can cut a mirror with an angle grinder if that contains a diamond wheel. But you need to remember that cutting a mirror with an angle grinder is pretty risky. So take proper precaution before you start cutting the glass with the angle grinder else the glass may fly here and there.


  • Diamond Wheel is the most favorable equipment to cut a mirror or glass.
  • Always ask for a professional for these works or you may harm yourself.
  • Take proper precautions before you start cutting glasses or they may fly to hurt you.

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