It is no surprise to tell you that cutting solid-surface is harder for many people.

It is because solid surface material contains a lot of mineral contentWe are not talking about a solid plastic materialSolid-surface material such as Corian has a mineral bauxite derivativeThe majority of the content is bauxite and the rest is polyester or acrylic resins.

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When it comes to cutting solid-surface material, you need a new blade. If you don’t have a new blade, you can use the older one but make sure you have sharpened it. We recommend using protective gear while cutting Corian. Although the sawdust is not harmful as it is from the wooden material like cedar, yet, it is important to use protective gear.

Required Tools and Equipment

Cutting Corian requires you to acquire some tools and equipment. Without them, you can’t cut Corian easily. You need a marker, circular saw that has a 40-tooth blade, straightedge, woodworking clamps, straight cut fence, respirator, and eye protection goggles. Also, you need masking tape and solid-surface material sheets.

How to cut Corian – Step by Step Procedure

To cut Corian, you need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

It is not easy to cut solid-surface material. Indeed, it is a difficult procedure, particularly, if you opt to cut in with a simple circular saw. When using a circular saw, it is not easy to keep the blade of the tool on the material and run it straight through the material while cutting.

So, you must clamp a straight-cut guide on the sheet of the solid-surface to guide the circular saw foot. Yes, you can clap a straight 2×4 to the sheet that serves as a fence, keep in mind that it is critical to make cuts straight. The purpose is to ensure a perfect seam while joining the pieces.

Therefore, the first step is to draw or mark a cutting line on the material, lay the strip of masking tape over the solid-surface material to reduce the risk of chipping. Then, you need to mark a cutting line onto tape.

Doing so, you need to clamp your straight-cut guide fence to the sheet of the material. We recommend using spring clamps because they are good for securing a straight cut guide to the Corian Sheet.

Step 2:

Before you cut, you need to adjust the straight-cut fence so that the blade runs precisely on the marked cutting line. Likewise, you need to confirm the width of the fence. You can do this by lowering the depth of the blade as well as rotate the blade.

Once you have unplugged the tool, you must slide the saw gently down the length of the fence. Make sure you watch the alignment of the blade with the marked cutting line. Similarly, you need to create a support for the portion that has been cut-off of the sheet. This allows you to protect the sheet and don’t tear it out at the end.

Step 3:

It is now time to cut the Corian Material. First, you need to set the depth of the blade about 1/8 inches deeper compared to the Corian material thickness. Then, you plug in the saw and start cutting. Make sure the speed of the saw is a bit slower at the start. For example, people use a slow speed to cut the wood material. However, for Corian, the speed is even slower.

Make sure you keep the saw steady. Continue to move ahead slowly and steadily. You cannot overemphasize the need for patience and slowness. It is because Corian is a hard material and requires patience and careful work when it comes to cutting it. Similarly, you must not pause while cutting the Corian material. It is because the edges of Corian may scorch due to friction with the saw blade.

Important Considerations

Many experts suggest using different circular-motion saws to get straight cuts where the pieces of the material can seam together. However, it is important to know that these kinds of saws don’t work well to make the cutouts for countertop parts such as sinks.

If you are carrying out a DIY project, you need a rotary tool with a straight cutting bit, which you can use to make cutouts. You can make multiple passes using this tool while increasing the depth of each cut gradually so that you can penetrate the Corian easily.

So much so, you can cut out using a jigsaw. Usually, experts don’t recommend this tool for straight cuts, on the other hand, it works well for sink cutouts where you need to hide the rough edges by the sink flange.

Following the steps given above, you can cut the solid-surface material like Corian easily and effectively. Make sure you have all the equipment and tools available to get the job done accurately.

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