It is really important to cut a dog’s nail.

If the nails are small and properly filed, it won’t make any scratches or snagsSometimes the nails grow too long and can grow back into the skin, which will cause a lot of painIf it is trimmed frequently then it will be good for the dog and for the family members too.

  1. Handle the Dog

The most important part of cutting the nails is handling the dog properly and safely. Most of the dogs don’t like cutting their nails, so it becomes a difficult task. If they start fearing the cutter then they will always avoid it. Make them comfortable and always play with them and keep them happy.

  • Whenever the owner is cutting the nails, they should take care of the dog and keep the environment very friendly.
  • They shouldn’t feel any kind of pain or fear while cutting the nails. The pain will keep the fear which will become more difficult in the future to cut the nails.
  1. Right Time

Dogs have a fluctuating mood. The owner needs to find out good timing to do all the things to keep the dog in routine. Discipline is really important. If the dog doesn’t have a good routine, then it will become really difficult for the owner to handle the dog.

  • Try to cut the nails whenever the owner sees the dog relaxing. That is the best time because at that time the dog’s mood is really calm.
  • Try to cut the nails when the dog is in a playful mood. This will help the dog to divert into playing while you cut the nails. Keep in mind that sometimes the dogs do a lot of movement while playing and it will become difficult for the owner to cut the nails.
  1. Calm the Paw

The owner needs to calm the dog if they fear using a cutter. It is best if the owner has given good training to their dogs. If the dog is trained well, the owner can cut the nails even when the dog is sleeping. But this needs some serious training and a disciplined routine.

  • The owner should star gently holding the paw and give it a firm massage. This will calm the dog.
  • The owner can take some time to understand the dog’s situation and conditions like anger and fear. Once they understand, the dogs can be easily handled.
  • After the controlled situation, the owner can now handle the paw without any problem. The owner needs to continue the process and make the dog feel really comfortable all the time. Even when they are not cutting the nails.
  1. Teaching the Dog to Lie Down

There must be times when the dog didn’t have a great time getting their nails trimmed. For that, the owner can teach the dog to lie down and it will be much better if they sleep. This will help the dog to calm down and divert their mind while cutting their nails.

  • The hardest but the best way to cut the nails is by making the dog stand and slowly cut their nails. This process is usually done by professionals.
  • Make the dog lie and massage their paws. While the owner massages the paw, they can slowly cut the nails.
  1. Check Their Paw for Any Negative Signs

Whenever the owner is massaging the paws of the dog, they should check for any kind of infection or cuts, as it may cause problems in the future. Any kind of redness, swelling or pain can lead to severe problems to the dog.  The owner should take care of it all the time.

  • Fungal infection is very common and can cause severe problems in the leg.
  • Sometimes dogs can have diabetes and low thyroid which can cause nail infection and can give a lot of pain.
  • There can be chances of lumps, swelling, and redness which happens when something wounded the paws.
  • Whenever the owner finds such problems in the dog’s leg, they should immediately contact the veterinarian.
  1. Types of Clippers

Human clipper and dog clipper are completely different as human nails are flat but dog nails are beak-shaped. There are few different types of dog clippers but the most commonly used is the scissors-type or the U shaped clippers. It all depends on the owner and their preference.

  • It is really easy to use. All the vets prefer using the U shaped clipper and they even recommend the dog’s owner to use the same.
  • The guillotine can be used but it has a complicated process. It can be used for some specific nails only.
  1. Location of the Quick

Quick is actually a part of the nail which contains nerves and has a rich blood supply. If the owner cut into the quick, it gets really painful for the dog. The owner should always trim the nails keeping a distance of around 4 millimeters to avoid any cut in the quick.

  • Generally, dogs have black nails, which get difficult for the owner to detect the quick. In this situation, the owner should carefully cut the nails and try to avoid pain. Dogs will be afraid of it then.
  • It becomes really easy if the dogs have white nails. This will help the owner to easily cut nails with no pain to the dog. When the dog has white nails, the owner can easily see the quick as the red color part can be easily seen.
  • There can be a time when the nails grow really long and with that, the quick will also grow.  It is recommended to cut the nails frequently as the quick won’t grow.
  1. Hold the Dog

It is preferred to lay the dog in a comfortable place and make the dog relaxed. Hold the paws and then cut the nails. As the dog’s body structure is very sensitive, the owner has to handle the dog with care.

  • Sometimes the dog can start being uncomfortable and will avoid cutting their nails. At that time hold the dog firmly and ask a second person to cut the nails.
  • If the owner has a problem with the whole process then it is preferred to go to a vet for the clipping.
  • Don’t put a lot of pressure while holding the dog as the dog will not like it and eventually it will be difficult for the owner to get into the comfort zone of the dog.
  1. Check Off any Bleeding

Make sure the dog doesn’t bleed. Whenever a god bleeds, it gets a bit difficult to stop it. The dag will start crying and will be in a lot of pain. Dogs feel a lot of pain even if there is a minor cut. So whenever the owner is cutting the nails, they should take care of it.

  • Take a tissue and hold it on the toe if the owner accidentally makes a cut.
  • The owner can apply cornstarch or any anti-bleeding powder to make the bleeding stop.
  • Call the vet if the bleeding doesn’t stop in 7 minutes. This can lead to more bleeding and a risk for the dog.
  1. Love the Dog Every Time

The dog is one creature that only needs love good food. Play with them; give them a good massage all over the body to make them feel how proud the owner is. Treat the dog with good food and feed them properly. This process will make the dog comfortable for the next nail cutting session.

  • Give the paw a good massage and complete the whole process with feeding them something.
  • Praise the dog. Make them feel how proud the owner is.
  1. Last but Not Least: Filing

After cutting the nails, the last thing the owner should do is filing the nails properly and safely. The nails get really sharp after cutting the nails and the sharp areas can be problematic for the owner and all the things and people around the dog.

  • File the nails properly as the sharp nails can hurt anyone.
  • Unfiled nails can even damage the furniture and the wooden floors.


  • Before cutting the nails, the owner should ask a veterinarian or a dog groomer to show them how the clip the nails of the dog.

Always remember to cut the nails because they grow back into the dog skin and the will be painful for them.

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